College Life
College Life

Why College Life So Difficult to Get Over!

College life- one of the most refreshing times in one’s life. From the admission of the college to the final year of the college, we create a lot of memories during this time. Those backbench’s memories, late-night hostel parties, bunking classes, going on the long drive. College is the place where students get exposure not just to academics but also to enjoy their life to the fullest. The most carefree and enjoying time in one’s life. We meet with new friends, people and we find ourselves in a different and new atmosphere. We create a lot of fun memories that are for a lifetime.

Classrooms: Tons of Memories

Mobile in Classroom

The classroom is a place to study but for students its a place to prank the teachers, have fun with them mimic them. In the schools, the students who come first sit on the first seat but in college it is not the same. Students come first to take the last seat and enjoy there.


Teachers are the ones who help their students whenever they need them. Although every teacher is helpful. There is always one teacher who is the favourite of every student and the other one is hated by all. Teachers in colleges are different from teachers in schools. For sure teachers here are more friendly with their students. They act like our parents and guides us in the right direction. Also, they help us to conduct various events in campus.


The most difficult part of college life is to maintain attendance. Many colleges have their attendance criteria. The basic agenda behind coming to class is to get attendance. Most of the students feel lazy to wake up early in the morning. Due to this, they will ask their friends or their classmates to mark their proxy. Every student be it the most intelligent one or to an average student, has gone through this process. Every teacher knows about proxy but sometimes teachers ignore it.

There are always some students in the class who will never come to the classroom. Even many teachers do not recognize the faces of those students. Maintaining attendance especially of the boring lectures is a difficult job.

Many students had to face a shortage in their attendance. At this time they need to go to the teachers and convince them to raise their attendance. Making promises to the teachers to be regular in the classroom and again not coming, is something that every student has done. Teachers are also so familiar with it that they increase the attendance by themselves.

Making New Friends

Friends Gossips

College is the time when you get new friends that stay in contact forever. College friends are the ones who will be always there with you at your good and at your bad times. From celebrating the birthdays to studying together everything is done with the college friends. This is the real treasure that we get from our college life. Pranking other students in the hostels, bunking classes; theses are some unforgettable activities that we do with our friends. Also, we form such bonds, that we can share all our problems with them blindly.


The most pressure time in the college- when exams are coming near and we don’t have any plan for execution. Asking for the notes from the toppers, noting the important question for the exams, waking up the full night to study just to pass the exams. The exam week was the only week when the canteen of the campus looks empty. Students instead of roaming around the campus sit back in their hostel and study.

Finally, the day comes when the examination took place. All the students gather around the examination room and discuss how to help each other in the paper.

Struggle For Notes


Another problem that every student’s face is to arrange the notes, in the college. Every student struggle for notes. Going to the toppers, asking them for their notes, copying them. Although these things look very annoying at that time, once the college gets over these are the memories that we took with us.

Canteen Area

The canteen area is the most favourite place for each student. Sitting there and chit-chatting with friends is the thing that everyone loves to do. In their free time, most of the students visit there and relax out.


Remember the first fight that you had in your first year? Fights are an important part of one’s life. The memory of all the small and silly fights that the students have with their classmates or their friends. The most important fight that everyone will remember for sure is the fight with the teachers as a unity of the class.


Hostels become the home for students. Hostel life is the most enjoyable part of college. Although hostels are the best place there are a lot more different rules for boys and girls. Rules that are the most hate by the students are marking attendance, getting in by a specific time, and most important taking permissions for going outside the campus.

Although there are restrictions still students enjoy this life as they are not bound to other things. They can go out just roam here and there to relax. Another thing that comes when we talk about the hostels is the mess service. 90% out of 100% of students would never like the food of the mess. Instead, they will go to the canteen and eat there.

Fest And Functions

College Party

Fests and functions are the time when each student enjoys a lot. They get ready like they are going to the party. Enjoy their fullest. Fests are the best part of the college. No pressure of academics, classes, lectures, attendance. The preparations for the fest are the most fun elements of it especially when it comes to decoration. At this time some liberty is given to the students, the timing to enter the hostel increases. They can go wherever they want to.

Also, various functions are held in the college. A variety of performances are prepared by the students which are enjoyed by everyone. Hooding is the fun part when it comes to performances.

The saddest function in the college is the farewell, all enjoy it but as soon the time comes to over the farewell everyone gets sad and emotional. There is a big basket of small memories in college life as everyone spends their three years there.

From the classroom to hostels to canteens, every place has its own memories. Coming late to class, getting punished by the teachers, struggling for the note, fighting for your friends, and lots of other memories. All these small memories that we make during our college time makes it difficult for everyone to get over it. Although everyone had to leave the college behind, there are these small memories that they take with themselves. These memories are unforgettable and are for a lifetime. No matter what we become, where we are these memories are the most beautiful memories that anyone can have.

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