Online Classes in Pandemic: Opinion of BHU Students
Online Classes in Pandemic: Opinion of BHU Students

Online Classes in Pandemic: Opinion of BHU Students

Hello, beautiful people out there. God! What a year 2020 was. A year full of uncertainties, bad news, tears, negativity, lockdowns and the list goes on but at the same time, this entire Corona period taught us some really important life lessons. One of those lessons which I personally have learned is “Nothing and no one is stronger than our mother nature”. This pandemic gave us the opportunity to pause, and live the essence of our close ones, relive the essence of ourselves. As being college students, things were tougher for us. I think, most of us were not at all ready for this phase we all have gone through or let’s say we all are going through.

Online Classes in Pandemic

We all really deserve a pat on our back for facing all the situations strongly. Well done! You are the strongest. To stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, our government declared lockdown at an early stage. Every offline thing turned into an online mode, not just the regular classes but the seminars, events, inaugurations, meetings, competitions each and everything was made online. I still can’t believe we all tackled these situations. I know it was a tough bumpy ride but with our patience and willpower we all came out through this stronger.

There were so many issues with online classes. To know the perspective of the students on online classes, we at BHU Express conducted a survey for the students. We got an amazing response. Here are some interesting responses of the survey.

Kalyani Verma (a student of the faculty of commerce, BHU) responded:

The pros are that in the pandemic time like covid its helps to save the education system like because it was online so we have platforms apart from our organization where we can learn the courses and provide with the replica of classroom environment at our place, where we can easily access it provided with good connectivity. It also saves time and transportation cost as we can simply sit anywhere and access it. We can remember the things easily because it is available in descriptive video form or documents. Now let’s talk about the cons. Online classes are not suitable for those who have network issues or who can not afford mobile, laptop, or devices that are used for online classes. It also affects our health by sitting for a long duration in front of a mobile or laptop one can have eye irritation, headache and some other issues. The physical interaction which we get in a normal classroom is good for the mental as well as physical development of a student but in online classes, we lack the physical interactions. There is also a lot of distractions like various social sites video games which are popular among the youngsters.

Question: What do you feel, online classes is shaping our future or it is creating a gap in our knowledge? Why? 

Kalyani Verma said,

It is definitely shaping our future by providing various platforms of our interests for learning and living a better life by enhancing our skills and knowledge and but somewhere I feel the social gap.

Ankita Singh (a student of Vasant Kanya Mahavidhyala)  responded,

Accessibility of time and place, Technology issues, Sense of isolation, suits a variety of learning style, Affordability. It’s my personal felt about the pros and cons of the online classes

Himanshu Maurya ( a student of faculty of commerce, BHU ) responded,

The only pros I can think of is that one can do some Housework after the class as one stays at home only. Cons are countless like Persistent Network Issues, Teachers don’t use proper tools for conducting online classes as well as they postpone classes very very often, teachers are not able to see and look after everyone and so on.

Question: What do you feel, online classes are shaping our future or it is creating a gap in our knowledge? Why? 

Aparna Jaiswal (a student of VKM) responded,

Yes online classes are creating a gap between student and teacher as there is a lack of connection issues during classes and because of that we are not able to ask issues and teachers are also sometimes not able to take the class due to connection problems and there is also lack of understanding between student and teachers.

Sweats Maurya (a student of BHU) said,

Everyone doesn’t have a good wifi connection….so, bad internet network is the biggest problem and also all teachers are not taking regular classes……they are not serious about our studies.

Siddhartika (institute of agricultural science, bhu) responded,

Its creating a gap . No practical experience . No proper interaction with classmates and teachers.

Sakshi Chaurasia (a student of Mahila Mahavidyalaya) responded,

It is creating a gap in our knowledge because in the test taken by this OBE pattern, we cheat and there is no benefit to the degree obtained from it.

Shubham Kurmil (a student of the Faculty of Arts, BHU) said,

Online classes are not shaping our future. It’s creating a huge gap in real and actual knowledge .

Manish Kumar Singh (a student of B.Voc, BHU) said,

Offline classes are always a better concept than online classes because I don’t think that personally all of my queries have been solved during online classes.

Manish Kumar (a student of MBA (FM), BHU) responded,

There are always issues of the network and we cant interact with our teacher. That’s why online classes are not good for us. Teachers should have a better setup and strong internet connection.

Pooja Pandey ( a student of faculty of Ayurveda, BHU) responded,

In online classes, there is an absence of interaction between student and teachers its become as a formality only for both student and teacher, students are not getting proper knowledge. There should be proper guidelines to attend online classes and strictly followed by both teachers as well as student’s, teachers should assure that students are getting proper knowledge of the subject.

Riya tandon ( a student of Vasanta College of Women) responded,

I literally felt no pros, I felt my personality development halt, I felt no interest in studies, no timetable of taking classes (though we have a time table, no teacher follows it) we do classes 6-7,7-8 in evening link comes anytime, have to be on phone all the time. Please ask teachers to follow the timetable, they should take classes as it should be in offline time, but no they take any time, anywhere.

Ankit Tiwary (a student of DAV PG College, BHU) responded,

Pros 1). We are safe from Corona. Cons 1). We have to give our whole day for online classes. Classes start at 10 am and continue till 9 pm which is not good. 2) There is some student who always interfere when we are asking doubts …3) Network problem with teachers and students both …5)Getting only 50-60% of what is taught and sometimes zero. Online classes are good only if is conducted in a smooth way where every student get an equal opportunity…As everything it has demerits also…we are only getting theoretical knowledge..without proper application I don’t think it will be of much use.

Prahalad Kahar (a student of faculty of science, BHU) said,

The online class is too difficult for teacher and students also .actually in an online class is one side teaching i.e the students are not given the importance of online class and so it is not so effective. I think it creating a gap in our knowledge because in online class the student is careless and it is like one-sided speech.

Utkarsh Upadhyay ( a student of Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, BHU) said,

Pros were that we were connected with faculty and batch mates and also can discuss doubts in the group. Whereas the cons are connectivity issues. In my opinion, online classes should not be there as education is something that only can be gained in physical orthodox classes. Were one to one interaction makes holistic growth of students and that is not possible in online classes. There are several key parameters where online classes are not suitable, as just completing the syllabus will not make a difference in a students career. Other co-curricular activities, group activities are also missing which creates a gap.

Anjali Singh (a student of faculty of geography, BHU) responded,

Online classes are not a bad option but yes it’s not a good alternative to offline classes. The main issue I have faced was the distractions because of other students and internet connectivity. Teachers tried to give her best and learned how to operate things at this age. The experience was not soo good but not very bad.

Now let’s see some statics we got from our survey…

Online Class Survey
94.40% of students are not happy with the online classes.

So after all the personal responses we have received, we came up with the conclusion that the internet issues, distractions, lack of communication made online classes a little bitter experience from a student’s perspective, but at the same time, I think it’s necessary to appreciate the efforts and patience of the teachers. From their end, they tried to give their best but because we have very little control over the technical aspects of online classes things became tough at their end too.

Online classes were or we can say is necessary for this pandemic, for the safety of the nation and for our own personal safety. But like every other thing comes with certain perks and flaws we can’t deny the fact that online classes have both perks and flaws at the same time. what we can do as a student is let’s be a little more patient and cooperative towards our teachers, lets just try to make the experience of online classes better from our end.  Just try to accept the flaws and appreciate the perks, and opportunities we got because of online classes.

 Don’t forget to wear your Mars Whenever you step out…….yes you are right it’s a “mask”, not Mars…

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