Common Mistakes to avoid during BHU Counselling
Common Mistakes to avoid during BHU Counselling

8 Common Mistakes to avoid during BHU Counselling

Finally, the results of the BHU entrance exams of the year 2021 have been declared and the wait of so many students is finally over. Declaration of entrance exams results brought a great sense of joy and happiness among the students but at the same time has brought a lot of confusion for them. So many students dream of being a BHUian and to accomplish this dream the first stage i.e. of entrance exam has been successfully passed now it’s the time of the second and a major step i.e. BHU counselling. And you know counselling is a bit tedious especially when it is online. Hence, to help you out for this years’ counselling, we have come up with a list of mistakes that should be avoided when you are going, to begin with, your counselling for BHU. So, let’s have a look at those common mistakes…

Keep an eye on your portal

Counselling Portal

The first and foremost mistake that is committed by so many students is that they don’t check their portals frequently. Once the results get declared they just chill out and wait for further information. But where are you going to get your further information that is authentic and real on the internet? No, don’t rely on other sources in this case, and keep a constant eye on your BHU’s official portal. Only on BHU’s official login portal, you will get the authentic and right so instead of checking numerous sites for the information check your official portal on the daily basis.

Keep checking your E-mail

The next mistake that should be avoided is not checking your Emails frequently. Checking the portal is enough to get the information needed and checking Emails is very important in order to get the information about your counselling date and documents needed. Also, the counselling letter you need for your counselling procedure comes to you through your mail. So, do check the Emails that you have given at the time of your application forms as it is important, or else you might miss your counselling chance in BHU.

Keep all your documents ready

Documents play an important role in the counselling procedure and so many students make the mistake of collecting the documents at the eleventh hour and hence they forget one or two or are unable to arrange a particular one at the moment. So, it will be of great help if you keep all your documents ready before your counselling. You might now think of what documents should you keep ready then don’t worry there is not any need for any such major document just your mark sheets, aadhar card, counselling letter, admit card of entrance exam of BHU, and such basic documents are needed at the time of counselling. Hence, do keep them ready prior.

Read the instructions carefully

This is a very common mistake that most of the students commit and i.e. they don’t read all the instructions they just read it in a single read without paying proper attention to the important points, some read just two to three points of the whole big page and some even ignore the part of the whole instruction. And this all can lead you to problems and chaos, so to avoid this please do read all the instructions carefully and thoroughly and act accordingly.

Fill the preference form carefully

This point is basically for the students of the art/commerce/science faculty because they get the option of filling the preference form. And so many students make the mistake of filling out the preference form without reading and understanding it. Some even fill out all the preferences even the combination they don’t even know about so before you fill your preference form go through the subject combinations carefully and prepare your mind for the combinations you select and then only opt for the choices. Don’t go on filling all the columns as it will create a problem for you only in the future.

Scan your documents properly

As BHU is now opting for an online mode of counselling as well, hence, scanning documents is one of the common problems that is faced by the students in it. So, do scan your document in such a way that all the information is clearly visible and in the correct format as asked by the university. Also, while scanning your documents do keep in mind the size of the file asked by the University as it is also important because it will not accept the file larger than the required size. So, do keep these things in mind while you scan your documents for uploading them.

Lock your seat timely

Once you are done with the procedure of counselling do check your portal regularly for the seat allotment and as soon as you get the seat do follow the procedure of seat locking. If you don’t complete the procedure of seat locking and payment of fees on time, your seat will get missed by you and you will lose your dream of being a BHUian. So, as soon as you get your desired seat do lock the seat as mentioned in the instructions and pay the fees on time to secure your seat.

Fill your login credentials correctly

BHU Error

One of the major problems that are being faced by the students is related to the login credentials. So, while login into the portal does pay attention to your login credentials. Fill in your date of birth correctly and in the format of DDMMYYYY to avoid the issue of logging in.

So, do avoid these common mistakes while your counselling procedure and fulfil your dream of studying in BHU and being a BHUian. Last but not the least, All the Very Best for your counselling and admissions, and yes! don’t forget to let us know that was helpful for you or not, and feel free to ask us your doubts….

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