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Opportunity for you to get Published

BHU Express is an online media platform based in Banaras Hindu University. If you would like to contribute your talent and be a part of this initiative, then we welcome you to write a high quality, unique, and engaging guest post or regular post for us.

We are interested in the following topics :

About different courses
Trending Articles/News
Review About Schools/Colleges
Blogs/Facts related to Education 
Interviews With Popular Educators/Toppers
Viral News & Highlights in Education/Examination

Some Example of High-Quality Guest Posts:

  1. 4G Services: Dream For Jammu & Kashmir People by Vanshika Gupta
  2. A Letter of Final Year Student to Vice-Chancellor, BHU by Nidhi Shaandilya
  3. Top 8 Places to Visit in Varanasi by Shikha Gupta
  4. What is Covid-19? Get latest updates here by Priyotosh Ganguly

How Do You Join Our Crew Of Amazing People?

  1. Go through the BHU Express website.
  2. Read through our articles and understand our different categories, topics, and styles.
  3. If you want collaborations, guesting posting or sponsored posts, those are welcome too – it’ll cost you though 🙂

We broadly cover:

  • events happening in Banaras Hindu University
  • campus life of BHU students
  • interview of toppers
  • issues BHU students are facing
  • facts related to education
  • Campus experiences of BHU alumni
  • scope of any particular courses
  • editorials related to education
  • current happenings
  • tips for academic preparation
  • viral news & highlights related to education/examination
  • career-related articles

Send an email to us with an introduction to yourself and why you want to contribute. Don’t skimp out on the details, we want to know as much about you as possible so we can consider having you on board.

You can send those lovely emails to us at [email protected]. We will review and get back to you at the earliest.

Go to BHU ExpressExplore our site – it’s a requirement to get accepted. Just kidding, do check us out though!

Note: We receive dozens of articles every week. Unfortunately, most of the articles do not provide quality content that may be useful to our visitors. Most of the articles are submitted for getting a link-back to their website. We do not even respond to such submissions.


  1. Kindly send the article in a text/doc file.
  2. Attach Images separately and add a non-obtrusive watermark (optional).
  3. Wherever you want to insert images, ‘mention image number’ in the text file.
  4. Send all images and text files as an attachment to the E-mail address mentioned below.
  5. The article should be authentic and original.
  6. Attach a reference photograph of the author along with a short intro & a link to any of your page/website.
  7. Total file size of the article and images should not exceed 21MB.
  8. The article should be of a minimum of 500 words to be posted on the website.
  9. We reserve the right to remove any unnecessary links from the article.
  10. We will notify you via email if we publish your article.

[Note: We will not publish low-quality articles submitted .] 

You can send the article to ⇒
[email protected]