Super Fuel Storage made by BHU Scientists
Super Fuel Storage made by BHU Scientists

‘Super Fuel Storage’ made by BHU Scientists

BHU has developed the world’s most efficient carbon aerogel hydrogen storage for ISRO. In simple language, the most advanced fuel tank. Not in the shape of the tank, but in the form of carbon aerogels, which will absorb and store the fuel (liquid hydrogen) used in the rocket. This technology will increase the speed and power of long-range rockets in space missions. It is claimed that this technology will play an important role in ISRO’s Mars and manned missions.

Professor of BHU (Banaras Hindu University) and Padma Shri ON Srivastava and young scientist Anant Prakash Pandey, while briefing about this research, said that the project was done under the agreement with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). They have succeeded in making the world’s most efficient carbon aerogel hydrogen storage.

Pro. Srivastava said that this is a catalysed material prepared by Tri Ethyl Amine. Now, it will be used for the first time in a cryogenic engine of long-range rocket (geo-synchronous launch vehicle). He mentioned that metal tanks have been used so far in fuel storage for cryogenic engines, in which hydrogen is kept in a liquid state. This increases the weight of the rocket resulting rocket stores less fuel. At the same time, cryogenic engines also have the problem of evaporation of liquid hydrogen, while the “carbon aerogels store” stored the absorbs liquid hydrogen and stimulates it as fuel whenever required.

BHU has the only Hydrogen Center in the country, which works on research of such national and international importance. At the same time, Anant Prakash Pandey says, the capacity of this storage is one step ahead of the international level. For the first time in the world, this hydrogen storage has been made from carbon aerogels dried at normal temperature with the help of tri-ethyl amine, which is very economical and effective. Earlier this year, Prof. Srivastava and Anant Prakash Pandey submitted a detailed report to ISRO. This research is published in the international journal. The same technology is also likely to be tested for ISRO’s 2021 manned mission. Carbon aerogel is also said to be the lightest substance in the world.

BHU’s Padma Shri Prof. ON Srivastava said that we have succeeded in making the world’s most efficient carbon aerogel hydrogen storage. This will increase the speed and capacity of the rocket.

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