Shivalik Hostel, RGSC, BHU
Shivalik Hostel, RGSC, BHU

Shivalik Hostel, Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, BHU

At the extension of Banaras Hindu University, a scenic hostel is situated known as Shivalik Boys Hostel. It locates between recently build staff quarters and Aravali Hostel. The hostel provides accommodation facility with 154 rooms to the students of Rajiv Gandhi South Campus.


Hostel name Shivalik Hostel
Location Rajiv Gandhi South Campus
University Banaras Hindu University
Number of rooms 154
Occupancy 350+
Type of hostel Boys’ Hostel
Fees Rs. 4110 (including caution money)
Courses allotted Bachelor’s & Master’s
Mess facility Available

Students of Courses allotted

At present, there are around 350+ students are residing in the hostel of courses running in the campus are  –

  • B.Voc. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • B.Voc. Medical Lab Technology
  • B.Voc. Retail and Logistic Management
  • B.Voc. Modern Office Management
  • B.Voc. Food Processing and Management
  • Master of Business Administration (Agricultural Business)

Students of different years and different courses are allotted hostels as per decision made by BHU administration.

Procedure of Hostel allotment

As soon as the admission process is over the students are informed to report for hostel allotment as a  final admission procedure. For this, candidates need to report at the Administrative building (admin building) of Rajiv  Gandhi South Campus along with the following documents.

  • Three copies of Dossier form
  • Guardian undertaking
  • Anti-ragging form
  • I’d proof
  • Fees receipt (Challan or Online transaction no.)
  • Counselling call letter
  • Hostel Fees


Ground floor with two floors above it in a rectangular shape and open to the sky in the centre is an architectural design of this hostel. All rooms are of the same size and well ventilated which receives adequate air and sunlight and the size of every room is not too big nor too small to accommodate. They are of standard size in which 2-3 students can stay. Depending on the courses either double occupancy or triple occupancy rooms are allotted to students.

There are a total of 12 washrooms in the hostel which means four washrooms at each floor out of which two of them are equipped with geyser for warm water in winters. There is a facility of separate washroom for physically challenged students at the ground floor, as such students are allotted with ground floor only.


At the entrance of hostel guards give their duty 24×7 to maintain discipline and code of conduct inside the hostel as well as inside the campus. On the channel gate, attendants are deployed who are there to look over the internal issues like maintaining register, cleaning, and other related things. Gate of Shivalik hostel opens in the morning at 06:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm in night. On certain emergencies only gates are opened in restricted time for health issue, catching trains, etc. with permission of admin warden/ warden.

What I will get in Shivalik hostel?

In a room one can find –

  • Bed
  • Cupboards
  • Cloth hanger
  • Charging socket
  • Fan
  • Table
  • Chair

Hostel mess

Currently, three mess are operating in Shivalik hostel which provides tasty food at affordable rates. Operation time mess is the same but the cost per diet differs a bit from each other.

Diet Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Timing 8:00 am – 10:00 am 12:00 pm – 02:00 pm 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Charges ₹ 20 ₹ 30-35 ₹ 30-35

The charges of fooding as well as hostel fees is very minimal which a student can easily afford. Students are not bounded to eat in any of the mess of Shivalik hostel, it’s completely their choice. They can also choose to have food of other hostels too. Along with the normal diet 3 diets of week are special one, on those days special food is served like paneer, chicken, sweets etc. But the charges of special diet is quite high as compared to the normal one. Payment to mess can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Usage of stove, gas cylinder, induction, heaters are not allowed inside the hostel. Water cooler with purifiers is also available on the ground and first floor of the hostel which is regularly cleaned by mess maharajas.

Students are also available with common hall where they can do practice, rehearsals, events with the permission of attendant or warden.

The inside view of the hostel is more attractive and appealing as plantation of saplings is being made which adds up to the beauty. Beautiful rose, marigold tress of Ashoka make the environment fresh and green. There is also a Badminton and Volleyball court inside the hostel with proper lighting so that students after doing classes in morning can play from evening-to-night.


After becoming a part of Banaras Hindu University, students get to enjoy more amenities and facilities as compared to other colleges and hostels. If talking in the context of Shivalik Hostel then students are entitled for –


Routers are placed at a certain distance which covers the whole hostel and provides interrupted internet service for free that too in high speed.


Outdoor games like Basketball, Bat – ball Volleyball, Badminton and indoor one like chess, ludo, carrom is provided for the development of students in the field of sports. One can access this facility by keeping their passbook with the attendant and get issued the sporting goods.


A cleaner is being assigned to clean washrooms on daily and corridors on weekly basis. Whereas rooms are cleaned by attendant twice or thrice in a week.

Water and Electricity

Students will get an uninterrupted supply of electricity and water 24×7. For water supply, Rajiv Gandhi South campus has its own check dam which is the only source of water and for electricity hostel is equipped with a solar panel which will give backup of 4hours in case of power cut.

Co-curricular and Recreation

Students residing in the hostel celebrate each and every festival with full enthusiasm. Festivals like Holi, Krishna Janmashtami, Independence Day, Republic Day, Hostel Night, Mahashivratri, Saraswati Pooja etc. are celebrated where whole hostel is decorated and everyone takes part into this by contributing financially or physically and showcasing their skills and talents. Every year inter hostel sports event are conducted and winner of this gets a chance to represent RGSC at main campus.


Ragging, smoking cigarettes or weeds, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, keeping arms and ammunition, fighting, are not allowed inside the Shivalik hostel. If any of the student found to be involved in any illegal or prohibited activities, BHU (RGSC) administration has full authority to take any legal action against them.

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