Prof. Anand Chaudhary
Prof. Anand Chaudhary

Prof. Anand Chaudhary appointed as the new Chief Proctor of BHU

Anand Chaudhary, Professor of the Department of Rasa Shastra of Ayurveda Faculty, will be the new Chief Proctor of BHU. From January 1, Professor Anand Chaudhary will take over the security command of the university. After the approval of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar, the registrar of BHU has informed about the release of the notification.

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From the new year, Anand Chaudhary will be the Chief Proctor of Banaras Hindu University. He is a Professor of the Ayurveda Faculty. The former Chief Proctor, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Prof. OP Rai, whose term ended on 31/12/2020. As soon as he became the Chief Proctor, Prof. Chaudhary reached the office of the Proctorial Board to meet all the security personnel, deputy chief proctor and proctor personnel. After his reception, Prof. Chaudhary also addressed all BHU guards and security personnel from Walkie-Talkie. During this time, the present Chief Professor Prof. P. Rai was also present and talked about the works of the Proctorial Board.

Prof. Anand Chaudhary informed that from the 1st January, rules on security and movement of outsiders in BHU can be changed. At the same time, opening of hostels will now be considered afresh under the guidelines of COVID-19 and UGC. He also told that the female students safety is in his priority list, operation of vehicles and traffic on campus and theft etc. will have to be stopped. It is known that Prof. Anand Chaudhary was appointed to the post of Deputy Chief Proctor in the year 2014. In view of his experiences, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar has given him the responsibility of Chief Proctor. At the same time, Prof. OP Rai has been in this position for the last five years and he is very much appreciated for the peace and security in the university.

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