NEP 2020: New Education Policy
NEP 2020: New Education Policy

NEP 2020: All You Need to Know About

NEP 2020 (New education policy 2020) came after 34 years, major changes in the school-college system
  • Modi government approves new education policy
  • Major changes were made in the school-college system: Prakash Javadekar

The Modi government has approved the new education policy (NEP 2020). It was decided in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar gave information about the decisions taken in the cabinet meeting at the press conference. He told that after 34 years, India’s new education policy has come. Major changes have been made in the school-college system.

Prakash Javadekar said that the new education policy has been approved in the cabinet meeting chaired by PM Modi. There was no change in education policy for 34 years. The Union Minister said that the government had formed 2 committees regarding education policy. One TSR Subramanian Committee and the other Dr K Kasturirangan Committee were formed.

He said that large scale advice was taken for the new education policy. 2.5 lakh gram panchayats, 6600 blocks, 676 districts were consulted. It was told by the government that under the new education policy if a student wants to take another course in the middle of a course, he can take a break for a limited time from the first course.

It was told by the government that a comprehensive discussion has been held about the new policy. 2.5 lakh gram panchayats, 6600 blocks, 676 districts were consulted. People were advised what changes you want in the new policy. In higher education, we will reach 50 per cent of the gross enrollment ratio by 2035. For this, multiple entries and exit systems are being introduced.

It was told by the government that in today’s system, if a student cannot study further after studying engineering for 4 years or after studying for 6 semesters, then he has no solution. The student gets out of the system. In the new system it will be that after one year, certificate, diploma after two years, the degree will be available after three or four years.

The government said that under the Multiple Entry Through Bank of Credit, the first, second-year credits of the student will be credited through DigiLocker. So that if the student has to take a break for some reason and comes back within a fixed time, he will not be asked to repeat the first and second year. The credit of the student will be present in the academic credit bank. In this case, the student will use it for his further studies.

Fashion designing with physics, will be able to read music with chemistry

The government said that under the current education policy, chemistry and maths can be taken with Physics Honors. Fashion designing could not be taken with it. But in the new education policy (NEP 2020), there will be a system of major and minor. Major programs can be taken in addition to the major programs. This will have two benefits.

Those who drop out due to financial or other reasons can come back into the system. Apart from this, those who are interested in different subjects, such as those who are interested in music, but there is no arrangement for that. In the new education policy, this system will remain through Major and Minor.

NEP 2020: HRD Ministry will now be known as the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Human Resources will again be known as the Ministry of Education. Earlier the name of this ministry was the Ministry of Education. In 1985, it was changed to the Ministry of Human Resources.

10 + 2 formats finished in school education

The 10+2 formats in school education have been abolished under the new education policy. It has been moulded from 10+2 to 5+3+3+4 format. This means that now the first five years of school will include three years of pre-primary school and foundation stage including class 1 and class 2. Then the next three years will be divided into the preparation phase of classes 3 to 5. After this, three years will be the middle phase (classes 6 to 8) and four years of secondary stage (classes 9 to 12).

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