Naveen Pharmacy: A Mosaic of B.Pharm
Naveen Pharmacy: A Mosaic of B.Pharm

Naveen Pharmacy: A Mosaic of B.Pharm

NAVEEN PHARMACY lies on the way to the newly constructed Lecture Theatre, the front side of which faces the Shivalik boys’ hostel of RGSC-BHU. The building was constructed keeping in mind the need to expand the infrastructure and increase the scope of career in the Pharmacy of Ayurveda. Naveen pharmacy is a place for B.Pharma and M.Pharma Ayurveda practical sessions for different subjects which include Pharmaceutical biology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and Dravyaguna Vigyan. Mr JUNG BAHADUR sir, as lab attendant is always present during class hours for any help to students.

Pharmacognosy lab contains several crude drugs whose collection, cultivation, storage, and most importantly microscopic examination is of vital importance to get an appropriate amount of active constituents in raw drugs for their therapeutic action. The students conduct several practicals under the supervision of Dr. SHRUTI PANDEY ma’am which provides them with the knowledge and skill required to carry out the practicals. The lab is also well equipped with micro-tome for section cutting, microscopes for the examination of drugs and fresh plant specimens, slides brushes needles and forceps.

Being an Ayurvedic Pharmacist, one must have proper knowledge of Dravyaguna for the manufacture of better medications for the treatment of disease. Dravyaguna lab contains 50+ dried samples of incredibly potent crude raw drugs like shankapushpi, ashwagandha, sarpagandha, bibitaki, apamarg, vacha, etc. Several plant specimens are beautifully stored in the formal resolution. Students are delivered with a quality knowledge of ayurvedic plants under the supervision of Dr. ASHWINI KUMAR KHUSHWAHA sir who also organizes regular field visits for students on the campus itself is located in the lap of nature and holds more than 900+ medicinal plants.

The pharmacology lab holds instruments for easy manipulation of practicals like Electro convulsion-meter, Incubator, Water-bath, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Rota-meter, Autoclave, Centrifugal machine, syringes, Anesthesia Chamber that plays a vital role in the study of different physiological parameters of animal models, humans.
Students perform several practicals under the supervision of Dr. AMBRISH KUMAR sir which includes serum separation and behavioural studies of animal models.

It also has Posters that have been presented by students in National and International seminars regarding pharmaceutical research and reviews.

Overall, Naveen Pharmacy is provided with all facilities required for providing students with good knowledge and education of the highest quality.

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