Kutumb App & BHU: All You Need to Know
Kutumb App & BHU: All You Need to Know

Kutumb App & BHU: All You Need to Know

Recently, a link to join a group named “BHU Mahamana Parivar (Worldwide)” was circulated among the students of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) by various mediums of social media. Claiming to be the official group it asks for donations for its sustenance in the name of BHU. The rumours of the application named “Kutume App” being created by the students of IIT-BHU was also there. Team BHU Express decided to dig into the reality and the results proved it to be fake.

As we got deeper into the case we found that the app was a third party social networking app just like usual WhatsApp or Facebook. And that BHU Mahamana Parivar (Worldwide) was only a group made on the community app.

Here is all that you need to know about the message being circulated and the app:-

What is Kutumb App?

Kutumb App is just a social community app just like Reddit, WhatsApp or Facebook. It was not created by the students of IIT-BHU and has no official connection with BHU IT Department.

Is BHU Mahamana Parivar (Worldwide) an official App of BHU?

The answer is a big NO. BHU Mahamana Parivar (Worldwide) is just a group that is created on Kutumb App. Also, Kutumb App is just a third-party app like Instagram, Facebook or Reddit. Similar to the ones on Facebook, where you can share like and comment on the posts. Neither Kutumb App nor BHU Mahamana Parivar (Worldwide) is associated with Banaras Hindu University. It is just an ordinary page or group created by some of the BHU’s alumni. Also, BHU Mahamana Parivar Worldwide (Worldwide) is not an official alumni association of Banaras Hindu University.

Message circulated in WhatsApp Groups

The message circulated on different social media & even in the official WhatsApp groups of different batches.

WhatsApp Text

In the circulated message, it was being said to students & officials to download their official ID cards.

Clarification from BHU Official

Here is the official statement from Banaras Hindu University regarding this Kutumb App & BHU Mahamana Parivar (Worldwide) group.

Here, Banaras Hindu University has clarified that neither BHU Mahamana Parivar Page nor Kutumb app is associated with the varsity.

Clarification from Kutumb App

Here is the clarification from the Technical Team of Kutumb App.

The Kutumb app (company registered as Primetrace Technlogies Pvt Ltd) is a social media platform where any association can create its own group, the presidents of the association can add members and communicate with their members easily. The Kutumb app is not related in any way to the ‘Mahamana Seva Samiti Trust’ or the group’s administrator (Baba Seshanath). We have created the group at the request of their registered (Regd. No. 86/2020) organization ‘Mahamana Seva Samiti Trust’. We are not able to connect to the trust’s admin even after continuous efforts. We are not aware of the authenticity of the trust’s administrators and the use of donations received by them.

Kutumb App Notice for BHU

Collecting sensitive details

When you install the kutumb App, it asks for your phone number and enrolment number of BHU. Once you log in, it also provides you with the so-called official ID card of BHU which certainly has no significance or authenticity (NOTE: It is not an official ID of Banaras Hindu University). Also, no information is available about what they will be doing with your mobile number and enrolment number.

Format of generated ID card (Not official)

Given below is the format of the fake ID card generated by BHU Mahamana Parivar (Worldwide) after collecting sensitive data like mobile numbers & enrolment numbers.

Fake ID of BHU

BHU’s Official ID card

Have a look at the official passbook of Banaras Hindu University.

Student Passbook of BHU

Collecting donations

After joining the group, they are asking for donating money to the members & a certificate is also being generated who are donating money to this group. As per our information, BHU Mahamana Parivar has collected more than Rs. 6,00,000 (8 lakhs). Admins & moderators of Mahamana Parivar (Worldwide) are collecting this money in the bank account of any individual. A certificate is also being provided to awarded to those who have donated on the name of Mahamana & BHU.

BHU Fake Receipt

Many group members are also raising their voices for providing clarification about the collected money from the group admin.

Donation Comment

Amid this, Kutumb App has also released a note mentioning that they are not aware of the authenticity of the trust’s administrators and the use of donations received by them.

Kutumb App Notice for BHU

According to the Kutumb App, the entire amount of donation goes directly to the trust of the Sangh (Mahamana Seva Samiti), the Kutumb app is nowhere in between. Nevertheless, all the members who donated on behalf of the Kutumb company will be given their money back, the process has started. This process may take around 2-3 days.

No option to delete Account

After joining the group & clarification from Banaras Hindu University, many students & officials found that Kutumb App is not the official App of Banaras Hindu University & they started looking for options and ways to delete their Kutumb App account but none of the members found any way to do so because there wasn’t any such option to delete the Kutumb App on the front-end of the website.

Statement of Kutumb App

We are getting lots of requests to delete accounts, if anyone wants to delete their account, please mail us at the mail id given below and we will process to delete your account, it also takes 2-3 days. Can. Mail to: [email protected], Write your registered phone number in the subject Delete.

Kutumb App Delete

How to delete your Kutumb App account?

If you are one of the students who has created an account; you might want to delete it now. Here are the steps you can follow:-

  • Write an email to the officials of Kutumb App.
  • Put your subject in the format: DELETE <MOBILE NUMBER>
  • Send this mail to- [email protected]
  • Wait till their team responds and acts on your request.

Having said that it is necessary to mention the fact that BHU Express is an unofficial media platform based in Banaras Hindu University that tries to provide true and substantiated information.

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