Impact of Coronavirus
Impact of Coronavirus

Impact of Coronavirus on Tourism Industry

As we all know that our country is facing many problems these days due to the CORONA VIRUS or COVID-19. This pandemic is not only taking the lives of people but also their jobs, proper lifestyles and many more. There is not a single field left where the impact of COVID-19 can’t be seen. One of the most affected field is TOURISM INDUSTRY. The pandemic has led to incapacitate the TOURISM INDUSTRY. If you want to know more about this just keep scrolling.

Tourism Industry plays a vital role in India’s economy and contributes about 9.2% of India’s GDP and supports about 42.673 million jobs, which is 8.1% of its total employment. So, from this information we can guess that how much loss this sector is going to face due to this pandemic disease COVID-19.

You all must be curious to know that what would be the effects of this pandemic on the tourism industry? Most importantly about 50 lakh persons who are directly or indirectly dependent upon the tourism for their living can lose their jobs due to this pandemic which will result in the number of unemployed persons in India. This may create great chaos in the country and the government would also be helpless because of this loss in the tourism industry. People may start dying one after another not because of this disease but because of starvation.  At present we are facing an unprecedented global health emergency. The pandemic has brought our world to a standstill with unforeseen impact on our lives, our societies and our livelihoods and there are growing risks of a global recession and a massive loss of jobs. In such a scenario how can one plan any tour so it will definitely affect the tourism industry!

As we are experiencing that due to this pandemic government has taken the major step of lockdown and no one is allowed to leave even his or her place. Everything is closed. There is no mode of transportation to travel from one place to another. The pandemic has left many tourist destinations across the country empty of visitors even in vacation time. Without transportation and due to the fear of pandemic, people in majority themselves are not interested to visit their favourite destination this year and in this way the TOURISM INDUSTRY will be the most affected sector. Also, the government has banned all the international flights because of which foreigners will also not visit our country for sure. So all the travel agents, hotel staffs, all the online booking websites, etc. will suffer a huge loss. The GDP of our country will get affected. Our country’s economic condition will get deteriorated and due to all this ultimately the development of our country would suffer badly.

India is not only the country where tourism is affected from the COVID-19 or Corona Virus. More or less, tourism industry of every country is affected due to this pandemic and is suffering from a great crisis. The most affected country is China as it depends on its Tourism sector for the major part of its economy. In recent years, the industry has represented China’s 11% GDP and due to this pandemic it would suffer a great loss. Moreover, US is also going to face a major crisis in this Tourism sector. The whole world is going to face a great loss in tourism sector due to the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

I know after reading this you guys will surely start to think on this serious concern. But the reality will remain the same that we can’t do anything until or unless this all gets end. If we really want to help the country in this situation we should act wisely and take all the possible precautions so that we remain safe in our homes and the cases start reducing. Only then, we will be able to stop this loss otherwise day by day it would get increased and at last many of us might be compelled to die either of corona or from starvation.

I just hope that this blog provided you some really useful information related to the present scenario of our country. So just think about it and try to help the government as you can. At last I would like to request you all that please STAY HOME and STAY SAFE this is the only way to help the country and yourself too.

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