IIT-BHU professor created world's smart virtual lab
IIT-BHU professor created world's smart virtual lab

IIT-BHU professor created world’s smart virtual lab

The period of online studies in the COVID-19 pandemic was limited to theory and evaluation of copies only. For the last ten months, the meritorious have been far away from their laboratories and practical knowledge. Professor AK Verma, who retired from the chemical engineering department at IIT-BHU this year, designed the world’s smartest virtual lab (integrated e-learning platform) without waiting for the institute to become a slave to the epidemic. All the tools and machines used in chemical engineering such as distillation columns, rotameters, nanometres, thermometers, pumps, walls, etc. will appear in this virtual lab.

The name may be virtual, but students will perform experiments same like the real labs. The errors and values ​​in solving the project’s topics will be absolutely realistic. Students will be able to manually operate the entire practical work by accessing all the machines and equipment of chemical engineering from home on a laptop or mobile.

At the same time, it is called smart lab in the world also because the number of experiments performed in it, their errors and results will vary every time. In such a situation, only after repeated practice, you will get the expected results.

Prepared programming single handed in lockdown

Lab preparer Prof. AK Verma said that as soon as the lockdown started, he created the programming of this virtual lab in Varanasi by himself. After this, it was put on the website by his son Anupam Srivastava who is working in Gurugram’s IT company. Prof. Verma said that it works on the machine expert system, which comes one step before Artificial Intelligence (AI). The chart and graph of experimental work done in this lab are also prepared automatically, so that data can be obtained easily.

Students reviewed, data is feed for every chemical solution

Dr. Sudhakar Saroj, an IIT-BHU alumnus who used this lab, said that we had the data for a solution of the chemical, which was passed through its virtual device. During this time, the same mistakes and readings were found, which were found in the real lab. Each process of salt and water solution can be seen in a virtual distillation device.

Dr. Vinita Singh, an IIT research scholar, said that when testing the solution of ethanol, propanol, and water in this smart lab in a virtual decontamination column tool, the values ​​of each one were quite different, just like reality. She also said that the data of every chemical solution has been fed in the software of this lab, which gives a feeling of complete reality.

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