How I became a part of Banaras Hindu University?
How I became a part of Banaras Hindu University?

How I became a part of Banaras Hindu University?

Hello everyone, this is Vanshika Sharma currently pursuing bachelors from BHU. In this article, I am going to share my initial experiences of Banaras Hindu University. Let’s begin…….

Honestly, during my college admission process, I don’t want to get admission in BHU, reason being attraction towards the north campus life of Delhi University and for an 18-year-old like me who just completed her school life that not from a fancy city, the vibes of DIL walo ki DILLI were so fascinating. But to be on the safer side and of course for the sake of my family, I filled the form of BHU-UET unwillingly.

After my class 12th  result, I was expecting some good colleges in DU but yes God has other plans. So here comes the entrance date 12th May 2019, I was neither nervous nor excited reason being I was not at all prepared and was giving the paper just for the sake of my mother. She was 100% sure that I will not be able to crack the entrance due to my neglected behaviour. From my home, it was a 4-hour long journey to the entrance centre and yes icing on the cake was my motion sickness problem. Well, people with this problem can understand how difficult is to travel in the car in that phase. So yes, odds were with me too. Outside the test centre, I was observing a huge crowd worried and students continuously studying for cracking the entrance, and here I am suffering from a very bad headache and nausea due to the journey. I was pretty confident about the entrance as what’s the matter of fear if you haven’t seen the entrance syllabus yet (sorry don’t hate me for this).

By god’s grace luckily there was a tea stall, thanks for the chai therapy I was able to regain my senses. Inside the hall after filling all the details, somehow I filled myself with positivity and confidence as I was giving a national level entrance test for the very first time in my life and I am the only one after my great grandfather who is going to grab such a wonderful opportunity of studying in Banaras Hindu University. So yes, here comes the question paper on my screen.

Ok, I started doing my paper with my 100% potential and yes with a calm mind I prepared a strategy of not doing all questions due to negative marking. A feeling of happiness aroused in my mind everytime I attempted any question. A big thanks to my academics background because of which I was able to do the questions correctly. After finishing the entrance, I was feeling quite bad about my entrance as if the preparation was good, I was sure for my chances of grabbing a seat in the main campus,Banaras Hindu University. Nevertheless, I just came back to my home and discussed the whole scenario of entrance with my family and they were quite disappointed by my performance and due to my careless behaviour. Still I was in dreams of Delhi University.

When DU released it cutoffs, my dream was shattering in front of my eyes. Yes, I was not able to get admission in the top-notch colleges in the starting cut-offs. There was no backup plan in my head, and yes I feel so disappointed at the same time as I was sure of not getting admission in BHU as well.

By god’s grace, here comes June 16th 2019. I got a call from my friend regarding the announcement of results and luckily after checking my portal I got a good rank. My family was quite happy now. As per the admission process of Banaras Hindu University, I got all the details easily and counselling process begins. I persuade myself and got the tickets for Varanasi.

First Visit-

Me and my mother on the very first day of saavan ka somvaar reached this holy and blessed place Varanasi, I was excited for my first trip to this holy place and my mother was happy for my call letter from Faculty of Commerce, BHU. I had my first meal in Kerala Café and sooner I was enjoying the vibes of this city but but but here comes the rain (for those who don’t know about the rainy season in Varanasi, guys it can be blissful and dreadful at the same time) and it continued the whole night. Somehow we managed to reach the hotel and we both were sneezing and seeing how the 3-4 wheelers vehicles struggling to get out from that dirty water covering all the roads and entered all the shops without asking. A bad impression hit us hard. It rained all night and in the morning the scene was more dangerous. No matter how we managed to get an auto for our destination with too at a very hyped price. It was continuously raining and because of this, the main gate of BHU was also not visible to me at that time.

After conquering all the problems we finally reached the main destination Faculty of Commerce. The greenery, the smell, the environment, the aura and every single aspect was so so so beautiful and charming (I can’t explain that feeling ). By any means rain stopped and the view in front of my eyes was the long queue towards Vishwanath temple in BHU. I was the first one to reach the faculty 2 hrs before scheduled time.

Inside Counselling Room

The counselling process started at 10 am. We all were allotted classrooms on the basis of our ranks (you will get all the information easily through notice board). I reached the classroom on the first floor, it was so well furnished. Professors and team explained each and every task to be performed in the counselling process in a very detailed and precise manner. The best part was that students were allowed to ask any question without any hesitation. All the staff members were so friendly and helpful out there. Moreover, we attached all the required documents in a file folder provided by the faculty for cross verification. The counselling process was not so long and thus we were free till 1 pm. My mother was waiting for me in the faculty auditorium and we took a quick glimpse of the building and head towards Maitri food area. The weather was charming and after filling our tummies we reached Assi Ghat. I can’t explain the feeling of that emotion. All of our tiredness and other problems just vanished within few seconds. I was able to feel the positivity and ambience of the atmosphere by the holy river GANGA. Our train was in the evening so we left the place soon and reached the railway station.

Second visit-

For further procedures, I got a mail from Banaras Hindu University regarding my next visit. It was the 4th Monday of Saavan month and as usual the crowd in BHU was on its peak. We reached in the morning but this time the journey was not so good due to long-distance and no direct availability of public transport. Me and my mother both were completely exhausted this time and we decided if I miss my chance of getting a seat in the main campus, surely I will not get admission in any other college of BHU as we were not aware about the environment and atmosphere of affiliated colleges (which is surely so good).

And here comes the judgement day, the day of campus allotment and the phone screen flashed and I screamed YES!!! I got main campus… happiness was on its peak and my whole family was so delighted after this news.

Third Visit-

On July 31st, 2019, we reached Varanasi for starting my new journey of college life. Strange but true, I was very much excited for starting this new phase of my life without any despondency of leaving behind a beautiful chapter of my home. It’s the time where a new set of opportunities were waiting for me.

The first day of college was not so interesting as expected but yes I met a few bunch of people and we reached VT (Vishwanath Temple). After drinking the famous cold coffee, I started feeling good about taking the right decision regarding my admission. Surely my bond with BHU was not love at first sight but yes I admit the love and respect I have for BHU developed gradually and is getting stronger day by day. And yes I am so happy and grateful for everything that happened with me in Varanasi. Some experiences and emotions in life are worth cherishing. Banaras is one of them!!!

In Banaras there is a sacred place at every step ~ Padma Purdna

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