Essentials to carry while going to BHU's hostel
Essentials to carry while going to BHU's hostel

Essentials to carry while going to BHU’s hostel

Essentials to carry while going to BHU’s hostel: Hello guys! I hope you had a great Diwali this year. I know you all are waiting for college to reopen soon and especially the freshers who’ve got their priceless call letters in their hands. Congratulations folks you finally made to the university of your dreams, BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY.

In this article, I am going to tell you the all essential items that you will need in your hostel life.

Let’s begin!!

The daily needs

  • Soap
  • shampoo
  • toothpaste
  • comb
  • mirror
  • face wash
  • makeup
  • deo etc
  • Bucket
  • mug
  • stationary
  • a scissor
  • gum.

For room

  • 2-3 small locks with multiple keys (coz you never know where you could’ve lost keys).
  • You can also keep a doormat according to your needs.
  • 3-4 extra cloth material for mopping out surfaces or floors. You never know how much help these small pieces of wonder clothes are. Also always carry multiple hand towels with you.
  • Old newspapers for covering the cupboards and yess you don’t have idea how newspaper can really help you apart from gaining knowledge.

For college

All the essential documents with at least 2 xerox and get your documents saved in google drive as well. Important document like results, certificate, passport size photograph, Aadhar etc.  (be a smart buddy).

Of course ……. A  college backpack.

Hangers and clips for clothes

The most underrated essential item for your beautiful outfits.

Extension board

Okay, what will happen if the charging point is far away and you want to charge laptop and mobile at the same time… hey extension is important dude.

Utensils and homemade snacks

Yes, you’re gonna miss the tasty food and meals of your home. But something is better than nothing. Do carry those desi ghee laddoos and mathris for munching and satisfying such cravings. Also carry 2 glasses, spoon and a tiffin box with you for packing extra stuff from mess.

Extra pillow covers and bedsheets

Trust me!!! I literally cried after washing bedsheet for the first time in my life. It was indeed a nightmare. So do carry more such stuffs with you.

Table lamp

The most important thing for night owls out there. You’re gonna need the lamp the most in your exam times as well. Also carry a candle and matchbox.

Detachable hooks

For hanging clothes on the wall or door. Better to be hanged rather than to be piled up on your chair.


Maybe once in a week do clean your room please. Being Hygenic is a good habit.

First AID

Attention please.. though the campus is fully aware of medical facilities. Guys do carry a small first aid kit with you. You never know how this can be helpful for you and for others as well. Also do carry cotton, earbuds, nail cutter, toothpicks for immense uses.

Hot water Bag/Bottle

If you wanna have black coffee or you are suffering from a muscle pain or such stuffs like that, these stuffs can be act as a boon for you.


If you are a music lover or a vlogging enthusiast, you can take away the gadgets with you for sure. But do carry at your own risk. Responsibility is in your hands.

ATM’s and banking related stuff

It’s a personal advice for not keeping much cash in hostel. Keep more plastic money with you for safety purposes. But keep some cash separately for emergency purposes as well. And they do carry some coins with you in case you feel the thirst of having a tea… Haha, Varanasi will definitely make you a chai lover for sure.

Diary and Books

Apart from coursebooks keep some interesting books if you want to explore the reading field. Since library and hostel timings are restricted you can read whenever you want to.

Last but not the least – “SOCKS”

“ONE CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH SOCKS.” Said Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will be able to get an idea for your hostel essentials list. Do share it with your hostel Friends and tell us more about your hostel backpack list in the comment section below. See you soon.

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