Don't let your college life go waste
Don't let your college life go waste

Don’t Let Your College Life Go Waste!

What’s the first word that comes in our mind when we hear “college life”? Most of the time the word is fun. There is no doubt that College life is one of the most important electrifying phases of one’s life.  It’s the best phase of one’s life. Every student enjoys this time. The students are somewhere relaxed and enjoy their college time. Students go outside, chill with their friends.

But the most important part is that majority of the students forget about the ultimate reason for coming to college. Many of the students waste their time roaming here and there than studying. Students are wasting their precious 3 years which may have a lot to offer them.

The three years of college is the base for the student’s career. There is a very common saying “once the time is gone it never comes back”. Students should not waste their college time. Rather should utilize this time in engaging themselves in academics and different fun learning activities. Their motive should be getting an education and not just to have fun.

There are various aspects through which a student goes during their three years of college. And the student must have the ability to cope up with all the aspects.


Online Teaching


Academics are the foremost important part of a student’s life. It plays an important role in building one’s career. A degree without knowledge is totally useless. Although any person can have a degree not everyone has knowledge. A student should focus on his academics. If they are not finding their classes interesting they should try to switch the classes. After all, learning should be enjoyable. Students should choose their subjects according to their will. Every year of the college offers with different subjects. Along with enjoying college life, the students should also be particular about their academics.


College Fest

Extra co-curricular activities are the best part of the college. Many such activities are held in the college.  Various clubs are formed in the college. These are generally created to boost up your skills. Also, every college has its fest. A fest is like an event that is organized by the students. From bringing sponsorships to accommodating students from other colleges or universities, every single activity is looked at by the team of students that are formed by them. Each student must take part in any of the team. This not only provides a certificate for the appreciation but also helps to learn a lot.

Most of the time it is noticed that the students mostly don’t attend some kind of special guest lectures. The guest lectures are generally not a part of academics but are a non-academic activity that helps to gain knowledge. Since it is not included in their academic progress the students most of the time don’t attend the lectures. Or they will just go to the lectures and use mobiles in the lecture. This should never be done as these special lectures are organized to help the students.


Bad Friend

It has been noticed that the students in colleges are more likely to come to bad societies. Most of the students due to peer pressure come under bad society. 7 out of 10 students start drinking alcohol during their college time. Some of the students even become so alcoholic that they end up losing their precious life. The worst part of the college is that students have started becoming drugs addicted every single day. Students should be aware of what is the impact of it on one’s life and should stay away from these things. Students should know how to handle peer pressure as some times it can cause worst on them.



Burning Money

Students usually waste the money that is given to them. Students should keep a check on where they are spending the money. Not every student comes from the same background. Every parent earns money from their hard work, but most of the students don’t value the money. The students waste the money by using it on various not needed things. They would buy unnecessary things which they think, can impress their classmates. They should stop wasting money as in today’s life it is very difficult to earn money.


Worried Student

Students are unable to manage their time properly. A student must be punctual when it comes to attending the classes. Also, students should learn to manage their time. Most of the students waste their time surfing wasteful things on the internet. Instead, they should search for some knowledgeable things that will help them in the future. During classes, many students just miss their classes or we can simply say that they just bunk the classes. The students think that this makes them look cool in front of the other students, but they should realize that this will never help them.

From academics to extra co-curricular activities, a college is a place that comes up with a lot of opportunities. So, the students should not waste their time instead they should invest their time and use the best out of the opportunity. There are many special movements that we create in our college. Now it depends on us whether we create good memories or we create bad memories.

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