Disha Fest
Disha Fest

Disha: Cultural Fest of RGSC-BHU

There is this one time in a year when for college students all road doesn’t lead to the classrooms. Yes, we are talking about the annual college fest. Fest means ‘few earn stages to shine’, which indeed tells us that fest provides a platform where you could enhance the skills of students along with motivating them to do a lot more than just studying.  During this time the college transforms itself and moves away from its mundane routine, while also opening the doors to students from across the whole college.

Students get the chance to interact with others, learn from them and have a whole lot of fun. and all of this was also seen at RAJIV GANDHI SOUTH CAMPUS, BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY’S annual fest DISHA’19, which was conducted from January 27-29.

The fest saw students participating from the whole campus with a total footfall of 2000+ people. DISHA 2019  was sponsored by some businessmen and college buddies.

Every college fest is a gateway for the students from their classes and assignment. Instead, they learn more about their skills and leadership. But not to forget all of it is done with a lot of fun.

RGSC, BHU has located 8 km away from Mirzapur district with 2700 acres of land compiling a lush green environment everywhere. Keeping the same in mind this year they let students free to choose their selective interest in enjoying these 3 days on the campus by participating in various cultural events. A plethora of cultural events let the students connect to each other.


Group dance (Indian & western), group song(Indian & western), solo dance, solo singing, folk dance, rangoli competition, Mehendi competition, debate (Hindi and English), essay writing (Hindi and English), short play, mime, mono act, etc. are some events which were being conducted with overwhelming participation from the students’ side. They participated, won, enjoyed themselves a lot.

Apart from all this, the concert was being organized by creating more enthusiasm for the students. Bands were called for cultural and western performances too. Various food stalls have also been installed from the refreshments and filling the heart and stomach together.

PIC of RGSC, BHU Mrs Ramadevi Nimanapalli appreciated the efforts put in by the students for organizing DISHA 2019 and said’ “competition held during Disha helps nurture the exciting culture of RGSC, BHU. The college pride itself in creating leaders  that are well-rounded and many infusion events are a reflection of the well-roundness of our students.”

The three-day fest had many events that kept the students entertained. The flagship event of DISHA 2019, dance performances, songs, and band performances was the most loved by the students.

The chief guest of the function was RATISHANKAR TRIPATHI, a well-known artist who has been working in MIRZAPUR SERIES by amazon prime videos and Gangs of Wasseypur, etc and many more came and entertained students along with guiding them on how to boost up your self-confidence with maintaining the working environment and your dignity.

Students from various courses took participated and won prizes too. The overall performance was rocked by B.COM and B.Sc. AG group. The rest of the courses do rock and burned the stage. many teachers, course members, faculty members have worked a lot on a very vast level to make this event happen.

Students didn’t realize that they are creating memories while enjoying. DISHA 2019 became the place for students which brings them from different states under the same roof and gives them a chance to compete with each other. The fest served a varied amount of events both related to enthusiasm and skills.

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