BHU to start India's first Vedic Yoga and Technology Course

BHU to start India’s first Vedic Yoga and Technology Course

The four parts of the Kalpasutra in the Vedangas after the Vedas are described as Shrutasutra, Grihyasutra, Dharmasutra and Shulvasutra, which are entirely based on experiments in mathematics, science and technology. For this, India’s first graduate course in Vedic Yoga and Vedic Science & Technology is starting at Banaras Hindu University (BHU). The Vedic Yoga course can be approved in the Academic Council meeting to be held on November 4 2020, while the Bachelor and Masters course of Vedic Science & Technology is expected to get approval till the next Council meeting held in November – December. The men behind this great initiative is Professor Upendra Tripathi, he understood the need of courses which will transform the perspective of Vedic science and Vedic Yoga in the country.

What will be the course curriculum?

Varanasi is known as spiritual capital and for the first time in Varanasi only, country’s first Vedic Yoga and Technology graduate course are going to commence. According to the syllabus of Vedic Yoga, an academic foundation will be prepared for the health benefits of ancient knowledge, yoga postures and oriental sports, while Vedic technology includes metallurgy, tantric and mechanical metallurgy, aviation, nautical science and textile industry, etc. For example, the art of making gold (alchemy) from mercury or chemicals, or the science of solar science or fertilizers from Panchgabya, organic manure from ash or water treatment from medicinal plants, all these oriental techniques will be worked in the new laboratory of Vedic science. Apart from this, under Vedic Engineering and Instrumentation included in this course, research on all those Vedic and mythological instruments including telescopes, aircraft, molecular science, boats will be established and their practicality will be established. Students will be able to carry on their research which will bring tremendous revulsion in their respective fields and the credit of it will be derived by Banaras Hindu University.

Establishment of scientific importance of Vedic yoga and sports centre

According to Prof. Tripathi, there is so much power in Vedic science and technology that it can show the way to modern science & technology, but first of all we have to find them. He also mentioned that the vacancy between Patanjali’s Yoga and Veda will be filled in the Vedic Yoga graduate course. Together, the scientific importance of Vedic yoga and sports will be established with the help of modern medical methods and techniques. If the amount of cholesterol in the blood of a person is increasing, then what compound action and sports should he adopt, which will provide immediate and long-term relief, research will also be done on this.  Pro. Upendra Tripathi explains that after the arrival of these two genres, Veda studies will play an important role in improving human life and society by not being limited to mere mantras and shlokas.

Patented on water treatment technology

Vedas are not limited to the spiritual thought, mantras, verses, literature, culture or science of India, it is also very rich in technology. The coordinator of the Vedic Science Center, who advocates for the graduate course in the Council’s meeting, Prof. Upendra Tripathi, according to him the Vedic water treatment system can completely transform the wastewater into drinking water, that too in zero budget. This technology has also been patented. Many such technologies were created during the Vedic period, which are now locked in millions of manuscripts in institutions across the country. By unfolding those literature and manuscripts expected results can be achieved which will be ultimately in the interest of the country.

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