BHU to pay 50 thousand fine for pollution outbreak
BHU to pay 50 thousand fine for pollution outbreak

BHU to pay 50 thousand fine for pollution outbreak

BHU to pay 50 thousand fine for pollution outbreak: The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board has issued a notice and imposed a fine of Rs 50 thousand on Banaras Hindu University (BHU) for burning coal tar in open. The board has instructed to immediately deposit this amount by giving a bank account in the notice. It has been clarified that this compensation for pollution is being recovered.

The road construction work is going at the BHU campus for the last several days. During this time, coal tar was being burnt in the open. This caused a large amount of air pollution. At the same time, neither water was sprayed nor the construction site was covered to prevent pollution, while many serious patients used to come to BHU Hospital by the same route, which is very dangerous for the health of patients as well as the person accompanying them.

Notice by Municipal commissioner was issued earlier

Earlier, Municipal Commissioner Gaurang Rathi also sent a notice to the company doing underground cable work of the electricity department. Work was being done by randomly digging the road. Water was not being sprayed either. Clearly, there was violations of rules and guidelines issued by authorities.

After notice, the company changed the working system and started spraying water, speeding up the work and repairing the roads left around the office. The city commissioner has also given notice to the company engaged in the construction of Sri Kashi Vishwanath Corridor.

Burning of Garbage is prohibited

The city commissioner has ordered the waste burning ban to be strictly effective. People have been ordered to take action to carry out construction work without cover. The city commissioner informed that the machine is being used for cleaning the roads. Many more measures are being taken to prevent air pollution and making Varanasi a clean and green city.

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