BHU starts 'Garbh Sanskar' therapy for cultured baby
BHU starts 'Garbh Sanskar' therapy for cultured baby

BHU starts ‘Garbh Sanskar’ therapy for cultured baby

The Department of Ayurveda Sciences of the country’s renowned educational institution Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has started a unique process called ‘Garbh Sanskar Therapy’. The aim of this therapy is to provide good sanskaras to the babies born in the womb before birth. With the help of this therapy, pregnant women will be cared for by giving birth to infants in the womb with the help of Vedic therapy, meditation therapy, spiritual music therapy and worship therapy.

Why Garbh Sanskar?

There is no doubt that the Sanatan Ayurvedic medicine system of India is a subject of research all over the world. The current modern medical system has brought many major positive changes in the field of health but the utility of the ancient Indian medical system is different. Keeping these points in view, “Garbh Sanskar therapy” has been started following the ancient traditions. The Ayurveda Department of BHU started this therapy so that infants can be given proper rites during pregnancy.

Garbh Sanskar therapy is not a new process

According to Professor SK Mathur, Medical Superintendent of Sunder Lal Hospital of Banaras Hindu University, “Pregnancy is not a new process”. This process has been followed in Ayurveda for centuries, without scientific approval, this process could not have gained much importance. He said, “we are reintroducing pregnancy under the obstetrics system, it is also necessary for pregnant women”.

He also mentioned that it has been scientifically proven that a good environment and good music have a positive effect on the brain. Under Garbh Sanskar Therapy, the emphasis will be on showing good stuffs, better literature, music and inspirational things to the pregnant woman. The effect of these things on the womb will be seen and understood by the scientific method. The process began in the last week of September, which is currently being executed almost entirely.

Women are being given to read Vedas

Dr Sunita Suman, Head of the Department of Maternity System under the Ayurveda Department, also gave information about this process. She said, “Ayurveda mentions a total of 16 rites, one of which is the Garbh Sanskar. According to all the mythology, the importance of the sacrament is immense, according to which the infant should be educated within the womb itself. Women are being given to read Vedas under this therapy. Bhajans are being recited to hospitalized women, they are taught literature related to good men. The kind of environment that infants get in the womb, they grow up and become like that. In such a situation, this process will prove to be a boon for pregnant women”.

In Indian Ayurveda, Garbh Sanskar therapy is not a new process, there is an atmosphere of gaiety and happiness in women since its inception. Pregnant women believe that with the help of gestation ceremony, infants will get good values ​​and will be able to contribute better in society. In the Mahabharata too, Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu was educated to break the 6 gates of Chakravyuh while staying in his mother’s womb.

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