BHU started Post COVID OPD in Sir Sundarlal Hospital
BHU started Post COVID OPD in Sir Sundarlal Hospital

BHU started Post COVID OPD in Sir Sunderlal Hospital

Those who have recovered from the coronavirus, no longer have to wander for treatment if they have health problems. For this, a Post-COVID OPD has been started in BHU Hospital. In this OPD running in room number 215, every day from 9 am to 2 pm, patients will be able to consult with the doctor.

Why Post COVID OPD in BHU?

This Post COVID OPD has been started in Room No 215 of OPD Complex to cater to only those patients who were COVID Positive and have recovered/ discharged after being COVID Negative (-ve) but still have some Medical problems.

Timing of Post COVID OPD

The timing of BHU’s Post COVID OPD is 09.00 AM to 0200 PM.

Mode of booking

The special thing is that for this, not any online booking, but a counter form will have to be made available. Generally, even after defeating the coronavirus, some people are having problems with weakness, breathing problems, joint pain etc. Most people are suffering from this, who have already health issues like sugar, BP, diabetes, heart disease.

Such people had to wander in hospitals for treatment. Now this will not happen. Patients can undergo their own check-up at the post-Covid OPD started at BHU Hospital. The order has been issued on Monday by the medical superintendent of the hospital, Prof. S. S. Mathur.

These doctors will consult

Monday Dr. Arun Kumar Singh
Tuesday Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh
Wednesday Dr. Manaswi Chaubey
Thursday Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh
Friday Prof. Jaya Chakraborty
Saturday Dr. Ranjan Bhatnagar

Special Services in Post Covid OPD

  1. Counselling
  2. Nutrition Counselling
  3. Psychiatry Consultation on every Saturday.
  4. Respiratory Medicine Consultation on every Thursday
  5. Spirometry every Friday.
  6. Physical rehabilitation of patients through Ayush Wellness Centre in Ayurveda OPD

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