BHU Open Book Exam: Students Continue to face Techincal Glitches
BHU Open Book Exam: Students Continue to face Techincal Glitches

BHU Open Book Exam: Students Continue to face Technical Glitches

BHU Open Book Exam: Even as UGC has given green signal to the conduct of final year exams, Banaras Hindu University students face technical challenges in BHU’s Open Book Exams (OBE). While some students are facing issues with uploading answer sheets others have complained about the server crash.

Banaras Hindu University is conducting semester examinations of final year students through OBE (Open Book Examination) mode. Though University is claiming that they are prepared enough for the same but it seems to be deceit.

As everyday students are facing trouble in uploading answer sheets, website crash, error message, are one of the major issues. The concern of students is not only this but also problems like improper internet connectivity, technical awareness, availability of resources like smartphones or laptop also exists with them. Students are such tightly tied in a situation that they aren’t left with any options to protest or leave exams so they aren’t opposing this. This is the last year for them and time to focus on their career. For this, students need degree and degree can only be issued after giving exams.

Semester examination was delayed from the month of April-May due to COVID-19, hence administration also has no other available alternative for conducting semester exams. Open Book Exam was started from 10th of September and will end by 30th of September. Final year degree for the same will be issued till 31st December as not to make delay in academic session from 2020 to 2021.

Problems faced during BHU open Book Exam

Semester exams of various courses are either running or completed and everyday students are facing several issues like –

  • Server crash
  • Error messages
  • Uploading problems
  • Timer issue
  • Availability of resources like smartphones and laptop
  • Proper internet connectivity
  • Technically awareness, etc.

BHU administration announced that they are ready with the online mode of exams, so that no more delay is faced by students and an academic session can be completed earliest. It is the first time experience for students as well as for administration that’s why there are still several loopholes left in the structure. University has an agreement with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology that anyone who is facing any kind of issue can visit nearest Common Service Centre and can get question paper downloaded and after writing answers can easily get it uploaded too with no any cost which means this service is free for every BHU students.

Students are also available with email I’d and contact number of various concerned personnel who is engaged in conducting exams. In case of any problems, students can contact them and get their issues sorted.

Alternatively, they have the option to email their answer sheet if the portal is not working. But after all this still students have problems in different aspects. Things are not running smoothly, there are so many flaws, obstacles and hurdles are there but also no option other than attending exams is available for students.

Students’ concern

“It was 3:00 pm by the time I finished creating PDF files (of my answer sheets). I tried to upload them but they didn’t get uploaded. I have mailed them to the designated ID but do not know whether they will be accepted,” said Anushka Jha, a student of MA (Hons.), Vasanta College of Women, Varanasi.

Students are advocating that if this mode has been chosen for conducting exams then why not done before, why delay is being made. And if they made a delay, everything should be done in a systematic way. There should be no scope of loopholes in such a reputed central University. After a delay of around 4 months, things are not arranged properly in order. Whereas, University administration has an explanation that this is a new and challenging situation for everyone. A huge traffic is there on the official website as candidates who want to take admission are visiting the website as well as students who have their semesters too. As a result website can’t handle such load and things like server crash are reported.

This is also expected that results of BHU’s Open Book Exam will be declared till the end of September and VIVA will also be conducted through online mode by Google Meet or Zoom applications.

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