BHU Open Book Exam
BHU Open Book Exam

BHU Open Book Exam: All You Need to Know About

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions like Banaras Hindu University is trying to conduct regular exam. Due to mandatory and necessity of social distancing or physical distancing, conducting exam via online method is a good one. so, A lot of queries regarding online exam come in the mind of students. In this article, some queries are trying to be resolved related with Open Book Exam of BHU.

Q. What is Open Book Exam?

Open Book Exam is a method adopted by educational institutions to conduct the examinations . This is a modern method or online method of exam . Under this method student can give exam by sitting their home . This method allows the student to use textbooks , study materials and notes.

Q. What is BHU Open Book Exam?

Due to COVID-19 ,  BHU has also adopted the OBE system of examination.

Students of Banaras Hindu University can give semester exam from their home. There are some norms, rules and regulations have also prescribed by the Controller of Examination, BHU.

Q. What is the initial process on day of exam?

On exam day, students are required to log in their student portal.  Next, they have to open the Live Test icon present on the portal at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam. During these 30 minutes, students can read instructions written over there.

BHU OBE Portal
BHU OBE Portal

Q. From where student can download question paper?

At the time of exam scheduled by Controller OF Examination, BHU, Question Paper download button will be visible on the student portal. only scheduled paper of that particular date can be downloaded.

Q. What is the total time duration of Open Book Examination?

The total time duration for the BHU Open Book exam is 4 hours. Within these hours’ students have to download their questions, write the answers by using pen-paper and also have to upload those answers.

Q. What is the pattern of Question Paper?

The Question Paper of every subject contains 8 questions out of which only 4 questions have to be answered. Each question carries 17.5 marks and it makes a Question Paper of total 70 marks.

Q. What are the norms fixed for BHU OBE by Controller Of Examination?

  • Students have to write their Name, Examination Roll Number, Course Name, Semester, Paper Title, Paper Code, Date and Time of Examination on the first page of the first sheet.
  • While on the remaining sheet, students have to write only their examination roll no. and page no. at the top of the pages.
  • Answer should be written by the students in their own handwriting (typed answer will not be accepted) unless a scriber has been permitted as per rules.
  • Answer to each question should start from a Fresh Page.
  • Each question has to be answered up to 350 words or 3 plain A4 size paper and only one side of the paper has to be used.
  • Students can use Blue or Black pen.

Q. Is it necessary to stay connected to the internet during the entire time of examination?

No , not at all. Only two times net connectivity is required:

  1. At the beginning of the exam to download the Question Paper from the portal.  and,
  2. In the last, to upload the handwritten answer sheet on the portal.

Q. What are the unfair means in Open Book Examination?

There are some unfair means that must not be adopted by the students under OBE system of examination otherwise the punishment of cancellation of concerned paper will be imposed or cancellation of entire examination will be imposed.

Under these circumstances, if a student is suspected by the Evaluator, would be referred to the unfair means committee for examination and making recommendation thereon.

The unfair practices are:

  • Handwriting is not of the students.
  • Answer sheet uploaded by more than one student is same
  • Answer of more than one student is verbatim same.

Q. How to upload answer sheet on the portal?

Students have to upload their answers in .jpg or .pdf format. For uploading the answered pages upload button will be visible in respect of every questions. 3 Answered pages of every question has to be uploaded one by one.

After uploading the answer sheet page student must cross-check that uploaded image or scanned filed are legible. If the uploaded file is not legible, clean legible images can be retaken and uploaded after deleting the previously uploaded image.

Q. What are the options available in case of any issue occur while uploading answer sheet or downloading question paper?

For these circumstances, Controller Of Examinations has provided emergency Phone number and email address of every departments and faculties on the portal. Students can contact with them if any error occurs

Q. What is BHU OBE manual and mock test?

For the practice of Open Book Exam, Mock test is also provided by the Controller of Examination. Before the date of the Final exam in OBE Mode, student can take mock test as well as can watch  Video Tutorial available on the portal.

Some major queries that come in the mind of students regarding OBE has been tried to resolve. If any further doubts come to light, please mention in the comment section below, we will be thankful to response.

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  2. However the benefit of this mode is that as you are uploading the concerned answer sheets after attempting of a question on your portal, the teacher/evaluator concerned will not be able to put any red lines on your sheet as the download button shall be available in your portal only,not on his/her portal, the same is also regarding the question paper in order to prevent its leakage prior to the exam

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