BHU Admission Fees Refund Policy & Procedure
BHU Admission Fees Refund Policy & Procedure

BHU Admission Fees Refund Policy & Procedure

BHU Admission Fees Refund Policy: Refund is a process to make payment to the entitled candidate(s) who have deposited an excess amount due to one of the reasons given below, at the time of their admission. Banaras Hindu University return the amount deposited by students in any of the following cases –

Cases of refund of Fees

BHU Fees Refund
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  1. Due to withdrawal of admission of the candidate.
  2. Due to cancellation of admission of the candidate.
  3. Due to cancellation of Hostel by the candidate
  4. Due to upgradation from paid seat to regular seat, shift from one course to another course (carrying lower fee),
  5. migration of candidate from affiliated colleges/Rajiv Gandhi South Campus to Main campus (carrying lower fees).
  6. Due to multiple payments at the time of fees deposition.
  7. Any SC/ST student who was eligible for availing the facility of fees waiver but Failed to Produce the income certificate of his/her parents and submitted full fee of the course at the time of his/her admission.

Refund Policy

The principle of refund is governed as per guidelines issued by Government of India/ University Grant Commission (UGC) from time to time. And if the University fails to complete the process within a stipulated period of time, the governing body can take punitive action against the college/university, impose fines/penalties or may even cancel its affiliation.

The governing body works for the interest of students as no fraudulent activities may carry out by university/collages approved by them.

Refund percentage Time period to withdraw admission
100%15 days or more before the formal notification of the last date of admission.
90%Less than 15 days before the formal notification of the last date of admission.
80%15 days or less after the formal notification of the last date of admission.
50%30 days or less, but more than 15 days, after the formal notification of the last date of admission.
00%More than 30 days after the formal notification of the last date of admission.


  • Caution money and security deposits, which are not the part of fees chargeable, shall be refunded in full.
  • Upto 5% but not more then ₹ 5000/- shall be deducted in every case by institution as a refund processing charges from the amount of refund.

Process of Refund

  • All the refund-related issues have to be resolved by R.O. (Finance) Account Section in coordination with M/s. LSPL.
  • The candidate can download Claim-form from official website only after the last date of admission declared by the University. I.e. when the admission process is completed only then after refund will be entertained and if any student is seeking for a refund should apply for the same as soon as possible for the same because delay may result in cutting down of few percentages.
  • The candidate will submit filled in Claim-form to the concerned Department/Faculty/RGSC /affiliated college, where he/she is admitted, mentioning his/her particulars and mode (online/offline) to receive the refund, including Bank Details (account number,  IFSC code, Name of account holder, branch etc.) as per Claim Form.
  • The Head of the Departments/Dean of the Faculties/RGSC/ Principal of different Colleges where the concerned candidate is admitted, will collect and verify all the Claim-forms in concern with the respective admission committees.
  • All the so collected Claim-forms submitted by candidates in their offices, the concerned Deans of the Faculties/Head of the Departments/Principal of different colleges/Coordinators of Schools/Centres shall process the claim form by the way of drawing a bill (through A.R. 37 Form) and submit it directly to the R.O. Finance/Account Section for further processing for making the refunds.
  • The R.O. Finance/Account Section will verify the entitlement of the candidate and amount claimed by a candidate for refund with the data (Bank statement or deposit statement) provided by M/s. LSPL and process and make the refund to the candidate as per his/her entitlement in the manner stated above as per details in Claim-form submitted by the respective candidate.
  • Only the local Court of Varanasi/Honorable High Court of Judicature at Allahabad/ Honorable Supreme Court of India shall have jurisdiction in case of any dispute relating to the provisional admission.

Redressal to students

  • In case University fails to make the refund within 15 days from the written application by the student, UGC or governing body may take any action against institute like withholding of grants, calling university ineligible or even may cancel its affiliation.
  • Provide students an equal opportunity and give them a platform to be heard.
  • Solve all the refund-related issues within 30 days and redress the grievances.

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