A Letter of Final Year Student to Vice-Chancellor, BHU
A Letter of Final Year Student to Vice-Chancellor, BHU

A Letter of Final Year Student to Vice-Chancellor, BHU

A Letter of Final Year Student to Vice-Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University



The Vice-Chancellor

Banaras Hindu University


Subject:- Regarding the final year examination.

Respect Sir,

Life itself is a test. Everyone of us is giving tests to live every day and if we will be able to survive in this pandemic we can give many examinations in future. I am Nidhi Pandey, student of final year of Banaras Hindu University, on behalf of every final year students, want to suggest you that, not to conduct the semester examinations of UG/PG. As we are the students who have already given the much more tests, assignments, and examinations as compared to the students of 1st and 2nd year. So the professors, faculty and others know very well about our capability, caliber, knowledge, etc.

Professors are the one who knows us, our intelligence, and behaviour. To prove all this, students need not to give any proof. Our old mark sheets are a pure reflection of it. Hence the marking in the final semester should be done as per previous academic performance, previous internal assessments, class behaviours or proportional grace marking which the administration finds more relevant.

No doubt that this is Unlock 1.0, but the possibility of getting infected is much more increased as compared to Lockdown 1.0. So it is expected from students side that the college administration would not call us for examination as travelling to campus, staying in hostel/room would definitely an act of pushing the students in the mouth of COVID-19 virus.

The coming updates are that Indian Railway has cancelled the Express and Mail trains till mid of August, so it would not be possible for those students who have moved to their remotely located homes during the lockdown. And the flight services are also suspended in a maximum of the routes and the routes which are allowing movement are charging skyrocketing prices which is not affordable by a maximum of the students.

To find the solution of this pandemic, many of the Universities and colleges are conducting online examination on Google Meet, Creating Google Doc question paper, Zoom etc. But in case of Banaras Hindu University, it is not possible to connect all the students virtually as a maximum of us face the issue of poor connectivity. Many of us have little or no knowledge to use such applications. Everyone is not equipped with smartphones and among those who have smartphones, not everyone is backed with internet connectivity.

So it is a humble request from all the final year students that kindly cancel the final year examination and promote them with their degrees. And kindly acknowledge the above advice as soon as possible so that with the arrival of your decision we also can decide for our future and focus on what could be done. This is the only visible solution of the COVID-19 on our examinations.

Thanking You !!

Nidhi Pandey


Guidelines that BHU may issue:

  • Cancel the examination of final year/semester students by awarding them proportional Marks as per previous performance or previous class internal assessments.
  • Promote all the students of UG/PG of final year/semesters and issue them degrees and enables them to focus on their career.
  • If in any case professor are found to be biased on the Marks, the students can challenge the number of particular subject or may available with option to give examination after the pandemic.
  • Issue the clear instructions regarding offline examinations and mentioning the expected date of examination, rules and regulations that are to be followed.
  • In case the number found less in the written examination the highest mark should be taken into consideration, whichever is beneficial for students.
  • Primarily e-Grade Cards can be generated and issued to students who need it get a job or to take admission in any course, college or University.
  • Allow the students to visit the hostel to collect their belongings in the month of July or August or whenever the situation becomes normal.
  • Give them Transfer certificate, Migration, caution money and other essential documents that students may need in future.
  • With the consent of students, the caution money could be donated to SIR SUNDARLAL HOSPITAL OR TRAUMA CENTER for treatment of COVID-19 patients.
  • While visiting the hostel and administration office a separate instruction should be issued to maintain social distancing and avoid the chance of transmission.
  • Instruct course coordinator or responsible authority to give performance report to BHU Administration through a digital medium as a result professors and others will be protected from transmission and reduce the workload.
  • Arrange the administration to upload the mark sheet on their respective student portal as soon as possible.

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