Left-Handed peoples
Left-Handed peoples

19 Crazy and Unknown facts about Left-Handed People

Hey! Do you know anyone left-handed? Your friend, relative, family member or anyone else? This article is purely dedicated to them. If you know someone, do share this article with them and let them know how lucky they are, don’t they? They are only 10% of the world’s population. International left-hander day is observed annually on August 13 to celebrate the uniqueness and differences of the left-handers.

In recent times, left-handed peoples were considered unlucky. They are usually unfavourable, discriminated and so on. Whenever parents find their children lefty, they immediately start forcing him/her to use their right hand, don’t know why. But people have this type of biased mentality about left-handers.

Even you will find it shocking that most of the famous personality of our country is left-hander such as Tata Ratan, Amitabh Bachchan, Mother Teresa, Sachin Tendulkar and the most lovable, and reputed Prime Minister of our country, PM Narendra Modi (uses right hand for writing, while he has been seen using his left hand for eating and playing). Still you find left-handed people unlucky?

Here in this article, I am going to tell you some crazy and unknown facts about left-handers that you will feel shocked by hearing them, and will come to know, how amazing these people are! But before moving ahead let me tell you a small fact that is, mostly in twins one of the babies is left-handed. In 23 % of the twins, it is found that either of the babies is lefty.

So, let us move ahead and know some more interesting, amazing, unknown and shocking facts about left-handed peoples.

1. Only 12% population is left-handed-  In the whole world, only 10-12% of people are lefty. It is very shocking facts about left-handers. In recent times, there were only 2% of people were left-handed and they were considered evil, and from childhood only they were said to use their right hand.

2. They are more prone to allergy- In research book “CEREBRAL DOMINANCE; THE BIOLOGICAL FOUNDATION”, it was found that left-hander suffers 11 times more than the right-handed people.

3. Right side brain Works- It is believed that the brain works exactly opposite to our hands i.e. if a person is left-handed then right side of the brain works mostly and vice-versa.

4. Left-handed is mainly males- According to the 2008 study “SEX DIFFERENCES IN LEFT HANDNESS'” a meta-analysis of 144 studies, it was found that more percentage of men are left-handed and a deep analysis was also done by taking a sample of proving this fact relevant.

5. Left-handed is Multitasking- Left-handed people can work with both the hands, so it is said that they are multitasking and they do not face much problem while working with both the hands. Data collected in 2008 by the “ILLINOIS RESEARCH CONSORTIUM” shows that left-handed people have different ways to deal with the task.

6. Average life is less than right-handed people- According to flawed 1980s study, it was said that the average age of right-handed people was 75, whereas left-handed people average age was 66.

7. They Recover Quickly- It was believed that left-handed people have good recovery level and speed than right-handed people. The reason behind it is that cognitive functions are spread out in the brains of lefties, which in simple language means that if left-handed people have a stroke then their cognitive function will be less affected.

8. Good Self Control- It is also another amazing fact about them that they have good self-control than right-handed people. They do not act immediately to any situation, and also know how to control themselves. A study in JECN found that they have better “INHIBITORY CONTROL”.

9.More Creative- This is really very interesting fact about them, they have a very appreciable creative mind. It is believed that this is because their right side brain works more.

let have a look at the diagram to make it more clear.

Brain Diagram
Brain Diagram

10. They are considered very intelligent- In 2007 study “EFFECT OF HANDEDNESS ON INTELLIGENT LEVEL OF STUDENTS” shows that left-handed people have good and higher IQ level.

11. More risk of health- Various studies over years suggested that left-handed people have more risk of certain conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD and psychological disorders.

12. Old women have more chances of having left-handed babies- It is founded that ladies who becomes a mother at the age of 35 or more have more chances of having a left-handed baby.

13. Alcoholic- It is another crazy and shocking facts about left-handed people that they drink more regularly than right-handed people. It was proved when there was a survey held on 25,000 people from 12 countries.

14. Ambidextrous- It means that people who can use both of their hands equally and perfectly for doing work. It is founded that left-handed people can easily become ambidextrous if they want or try to be.

15. Sleep Disorder- In a 2011 study, “ASSESSMENT OF PERIODIC LIMB MOVEMENTS IN RIGHT HANDED VERSUS LEFT HANDED PATIENTS”, it was founded that 69% of right-handed people had bilateral limb movements compared to 94% of left-handed people due to which in left-handed people, limbs move involuntary during sleep and cause sleep disorder.

16. Special Place in West Virginia- There is special place/town in West Virginia named ‘Left Hand’ which got its name from LEFT-HAND RUN.

17.High Remembrance power- It is believed that as left-handed people use their right brain, so their memory power is great. They can easily remember things.

18. 6 popular Presidents of U.S. were left-handed- Till now, many President has been changed in the U.S. from which it was founded that 6 Presidents were left-handed which were: Barack Obama, James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan.

19.Good at sports– Left-handed people tend to be good at some sports such as swimming, boxing, tennis, basketball.

Now, it’s time to end this article and I am sure that you have got to know a lot of new things and facts about left-handed people. Hope you liked it and yes, don’t forget to mention any left-handed people in the comment box and let them know how special they are!

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