14 Tips for Students starting 1st Year at BHU
14 Tips for Students starting 1st Year at BHU

14 Tips for Students starting 1st Year at BHU

Hello everyone after much-needed break we are back now. In this article as a senior, I am going to give you some must known tips that will surely help in your BHU journey. let’s begin….

1. Know about the history of BHU

Since you are going to be an essential part of this great university so it’s important for you to know about the foundation of this place. Do visit the university and this beautiful city Varanasi. For many people like me who are leaving their hometowns for the very first time, it is essential to know about this mesmerizing place. Communicate with the older people and do feel the vibes of Varanasi.

 2. Explore the Campus

BHU is located on the southern edge of Varanasi, near the banks of the river Ganges within span of 1360 acres. You are able to understand the beauty of the campus just by googling the campus pictures and videos. So it’s a must for every BHUite to explore the campus and enjoy its beauty. The feeling and environment is surreal. Not only the main campus do try to visit the south campus and affiliated colleges as well.

3. Know about academic rules

As a student, it is really important to know all the academic rules and follow them too. The campus authorities are really strict regarding the safety of students and making the campus ragging free. It is important to follow rules because life without rules, life won’t have order and meaning. The university gives enough opportunities and freedom to everyone but violation of rules might cost your admission.

4. Attend classes regularly

This will sound a little weird but you are required to attend regular classes. The main benefit is that you will be able to get in touch with each and every upcoming events and opportunities. BHU has a rule of attending 90% of the classes but not to worry in genuine cases you are allowed to have an exemption of 25% i.e, to sum up at least 75% of attendance is required.

5. Check out Rumour related to BHU

Don’t believe in every rumour about university that pop-ups in front of you from a random person. Do proper research and analysis and then form an opinion. As always said little knowledge is very dangerous. So it’s a pro-tip for all of us to believe only in real content.

6. Follow your time-table 

From hustling over regular classes to chilling out on bffs birthday, you are going to be super busy in the university for sure. But having a proper time table will help in keeping you on track. So prepare yourself for the hustle and keep enjoying the process.

7. Be a social bee

Importance of socialising yourself is a key for opening the way towards your dreams. Talking with your seniors and making healthy relationships with your batchmates will help in building the foundation of life – long healthy relationships. Being around others and socialising helps us keep a positive outlook on life, and beats feelings of worthlessness and loneliness.

8. Importance of Fitness

Fitness is very important for good health. Since you are in BHU so make fitness a part of your daily routine. BHU has its own well-equipped gym for the students free of cost. Also thanks to the big, green lush campus and fields you will get enough resources to fulfil your fitness goals. My dear, the whole amphitheatre ground is for you.

9. Be a part of BHU family

You are damn lucky and it is the result of your constant efforts that you are studying in this great university. Don’t miss any chance to live your campus life to its fullest. Not only with your concerned faculty but you should also try to be in touch with other faculties as well. Visit all different places and do read the notice boards. This will help you in keeping updated with all upcoming events.

10. Get in touch with your seniors-

Networking …. NETWORKING…..Networking  !!!!!!!!!

You must develop relationships and connections within your network and environment to have more opportunities to advance your career and life. Attending meetings and social events hosted by your seniors and batchmates is a great way to connect with people in your field.  Go and communicate with the people. But there is a but here… since you are going to interact with a bunch of people, do not trust anyone blindly. Listen to your gut feeling and do learn the art of saying a big NO without hurting the sentiments of other people. As you hustle towards achieving something, bad habits and people will come in your way to test you out, the same is in the case with your upcoming college life venture. So think and choose your company wisely.

11. Never hesitate to clear your doubts

Since you are a newbie in this vast place, there are very new things that will come up in your way. Things that are full of doubts and queries. Googling will help for sure but not always. I am pretty sure that the professors and seniors in the faculty are very generous and helpful. Do not hesitate for asking a single thing multiple times. This will help you in strengthening your relationships and getting to know new things in a better way.

12. Be a Decision maker

Decision-making is the act of making a choice among available alternatives. There are innumerable decisions that are taken by human beings in day-to-day life. This art is very crucial for every college student. Many opportunities are going to knock on your day but at last, it will be your rational decision to choose what is good for you and worth investing your time. People will try to convince with window dressing tools so take your decision honestly and wisely.

13. Accept Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is a helpful way of giving feedback that provides specific, actionable suggestions. It gives specific recommendations on how to make positive improvements. Constructive criticism is clear, to the point and easy to put into action. Admit this you can be wrong sometimes too… Acceptance is a powerful and a very valuable tool. If someone criticises you just ask yourself whether you are lacking on the desired parameter or not. If you are… try to improve or eliminate such things and bring out positive impact and results out of that criticism.

14. Must have documents for a BHU student

Since now you are an integral part of the BHU family so do enjoy some perks provided by BHU (we will have a detailed article on this topic any soon)-

The must-haves documents are-

  • Passbook
  • Smart Card
  • NSS/ NCC identity card (if you wish to join)
  • Library card (for both central and faculty library)
  • Proxy ID

Last but not the least, it is very important for you to enjoy the complete curriculum and environment of this place. Do HUSTLE but always have a positive approach and mindset towards achieving something great. This will help you in carrying a big bunch of beautiful memories in your life ahead. Welcome to the Banaras Hindu University!

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