Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

10 Reasons Why I love Studying in BHU

I started my journey with BHU as an undergraduate student at the Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University. The day I entered the campus, it’s been a second home to me till now when I am a post-grad at the same institute. The experiences and learning BHU has given me will always be a very crucial part of my life.

The serine environment, peaceful Vishwanath Temple, and buzzing festivities at various intervals make this place students’ heaven. The campus has a charming, positive vibe, and it is entirely a very different universe. 

Based on concrete evaluation parameters, the Banaras Hindu University holds NIRF ranking 3. The campus has 14 faculties, six institutes, and 140 departments and the largest residential facility. The glorious past and highly advanced educational resources made this place a perfect place to surrender my future. 

Earlier, I believed a college is about giving degrees and getting jobs but my experience here has made me a better person. BHU has an atmosphere and roots so deep that every new leaf which arises on it gets proper nourishment. And, here I revealed my master’s specialty botany!

Quality research-based education

Ultimately, education is a priority. Every faculty has highly qualified and expert professors to impart knowledge. Strict focus on research-based and practical experience makes this a perfect learning hub. Also, along with the main course, I signed up for classes in the German language during my graduation years. The classes for this course were held after the regular course classes were completed.  Many other courses are also available in performing arts, literature, and various other domains. One can choose the course based on interest, selection is done on the basis of marks obtained in the main course or intermediate percentage. 

Vishwanath Temple

Vishwanath Temple, Banaras Hindu University

The campus has Shri Vishwanath Mandir in the centre. Around the temple, there are cafes and chai shops which have been an essential part of my BHU life. It’s a hangout space after the classes or in the breaks. The place is vibrant and has printing shops and ATM. I also had a lot of fun celebrating birthdays and grabbing treats in the cafes. 

Often the space outside the temple is a perfect spot to scroll through notes and take a gentle evening walk. 

The Central Library & Cyber Library

Central Library, BHU

Sayaji Rao Gaekwad Central Library is the main library in BHU. It’s one of the largest libraries and has a rich treasure of books on various subjects. The place is open to students for studying at all times. I spent the entire day in the library during exams. The library is near the Vishwanath Temple, so when I got tired, I stepped out and recharged myself with snacks and chai. 


Usually, students cry about hostel food and facilities in most of the colleges, but that won’t be the case with BHU hostels. During graduation years the hostel allotted to girls of science faculty is Kundan Devi Centenary Hostel or Gargi Hostel. Both the hostels are clean and have excellent mess serving delicious food. My personal favorite was the Sunday lunch! 

Cultural events

Spandan Fest of BHU

Every year each of the institute and faculty conduct their cultural events. There are specific titles for the event of each faculty. The science faculty event is called “Akanksha.” After each faculty has conducted their program, the participants selected from the inter-faculty events participate in “The Spandan”. 

Students participate in dancing, singing, literary debates, and extempore to showcase their talent. It’s a perfect opportunity to make friends and have fun.

I recommend joining in these events to have fun rather than taking them as cut-throat competition. I got the opportunity to host Akanksha in the second year of graduation which gave me a significant exposure and confidence. The zeal and fervour in the atmosphere of BHU during these events are worth watching. 

The festivities

Janmashtami, Saraswati Pooja, and every festivity fill the campus atmosphere with positive energy. During Janmashtami, each hostel is decorated, and students with wardens take the initiative to participate in different cultural events on occasion. Saraswati Pooja is another major event in BHU, and each faculty participates in the ceremonies to celebrate the auspicious day. 

Hostels have a lot going on this day. Most of my friends wore yellow outfits and we participated actively in the pooja and celebration. The pictures of those days still make me nostalgic.

Assi Ghat

Banaras Hindu University, The Capital of Knowledge, lies on the banks of the holy Ganga river. The city Varanasi is popular as the city of Ghats. The closest Ghat near the BHU main campus is the Assi Ghat. 

My first experience of Assi Ghat was fun!

I and my friends decided to go on a boating trip one weekend. The morning breeze and lemon tea made out trip memorable. Since then I visit the Ghat every morning to grab lemon tea and watch the divine beauty of Ganga and the people around.

Sarnath Temple

Archaeological Museum Sarnath

Sarnath is yet another place to check out in Banaras. The place is a perfect picnic spot on a shiny winter day. I plan frequent weekend trips with my friends to this place. The location is very far from the campus, so usually, we travel by mini-bus or cab. It’s the most economical and safe option to reach Sarnath! 

Lakhaniya Dari waterfalls (Mirzapur)

The place is close to the south campus (Rajiv Gandhi South Campus) of Banaras Hindu University. The waterfalls are a breathtaking and perfect weekend spot for a group outing. Being a Botany(Hons.) in my graduation I got a chance to visit this place on an educational tour. The place was good enough to make me and my friends the purpose of the visit! 

We clicked pictures, had fun, and made lots of happening memories. The place is still a very important destination to consider whenever a group tour comes up.


BHU has a unique convocation ceremony. Unlike graduation robes, students wear Indian Dhoti-Kurta (Boys) and Saree(Girls). No other university has this authentic and unique dress code for convocation to celebrate culture. I passed graduation in 2018 and wearing that authentic dress during the convocation ceremony made me feel extremely proud to be a part of a great institution. 

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