Qualities of Lord Rama
Qualities of Lord Rama

10 qualities of Lord Ram Everyone should learn

Lord Rama’s dignity and dutifulness are infinite. His epitomes are marked on our culture, compassion and virtue. His character as the ideal ​​Son, ideal ​​Disciple, perfect ​​Brother, excellent ​​friend, ideal fighter and ideal ​​king has been attracting mankind from age to age. Even today the paragon of governance is Ram Rajya.

The meaning of the life of Lord Ram is only one word, and that is ‘duty’. He always considered duty as the root of life. Fourteen years of exile were passed for performing duty and sacrificing his wife Sita on the dusty path to his life. Younger brother Laxman, who was a companion of happiness and sorrow, did not be tempted to separate himself from him. Never let love fall in the path of duty to anyone. It is their dutifulness that the whole of ‘Bharat’ chants their name and considers their existence to be sacred. It was this dutifulness that lifted them from humans and brought them to par with the gods. He is considered adorable and an incarnation of God. His life teaches us that it is very difficult to walk on the path of duty. But only by the proper performance of duties, we can become dignified men.

Ideal Son


Nobody else is the ideal son like Shri Ram. This is the best proof of his dignity to become a Purushottam. The invitation to coronation and immediately after that, his father’s order of exile, to accept it with pleasure is a strong aspect of Shri Ram’s ideal character. Although the balance of power was in his favour. He was the crown prince of Ayodhya. He was the natural heir to the throne. But after all this, he kept the ancestral order paramount and presented the best example of dignity and adherence to the son’s religion.

Ideal Brother

Lord Ram Bharat

In this universe, Lord Shri Ram is a symbol of the higher paradigm and ideal of fraternity. His sense of sacrifice and dedication is even greater than siblings of his brothers. Lakshman ji’s reverent service during exile and Bharat ji’s service to the public by keeping his charanpaduka on the throne as a reward for that. While leaving Ayodhya for exile, Shri Ram tells the people of Ayodhya that the love and respect that you all have towards me, I will be happy only if you behave towards Bharat as same. This is an example of his ideal character. When Mata Kaikeyi asked for the throne for Bharat, even for a moment, there was no anger against Bharat.

Ideal Friend

Shriram gave a standard form to the ideals of friendship. Lord Shri Rama befriended beings of every caste, class, and group and gave him a new dimension. From Kevat to Sugriva and from Nishad Raj to Vibhishan, he proved himself so many times. His grief and distress, joy and sorrow, strife and victory were present in the same spirit.


Lord Shri Ram is very kind. He took everyone under his umbrella with kindness. Gave everyone the opportunity and right to lead. He has deep affection and compassion towards the mere creature. He never expressed anger, greed, scepticism or doubt towards weak and innocent beings. With this kindness, he gave Sugriva his kingdom. He also had pity for Manthara who conspired for exile. So when Shatrughna returned from Nanihal to Ayodhya, he got angry at Manthara and started dragging him to the ground, Bharat says, if Shri Ram got aware of misbehaviour with this Kubja, then he would not talk to both of us. This was Shri Ram’s kindness.

Patient with justice and truth even after suffering

Lord Shri Ram is a comrade of justice and truth. His decision to abandon Sita and her agnipariksha was a continuation of this path of justice and truth, though it was a factor in her own sorrow and suffering of disconnection. The rule was inconsiderate. The punishment was cruelty. The whole incident was a stigma, which made him miserable for the remaining days of his own life, but he remained punctual, not deviating from it.

Inclusive character of Lord Ram

Lord Ram at Rameshwaram

The inclusive character of Shri Ram is the least of the three worlds. His enduring character as the hero of society, nation, era and the pastoral world is also a high paradigm of inclusive conduct in the struggle. Even after being a Kshatriya king, he took the cooperation of Nishadas, Bhils, animals and bears in his struggle, including people of different castes in his army. Shri Rama is also an era’s hero providing prosperity to cultural heritage.

Symbols of endurance, meditation

Shri Ram is a symbol of patience and contemplation in religion. He is gracious. God of modesty and decorum. He has dignity in politics. He is disciplined in his personal and social life. Even after being a king, 14 years of exile and then the incident of living a disciplined life by living within the limits, establishes the life values, whereas Shri Ram in human form establishes the sublime form of the ideal. This character of Shri Ram inspires the Indian public to be balanced, disciplined and patient and move towards the attainment of their cause.

Tolerant and patient

Tolerance and patience are the main qualities of Lord Rama. Despite being the king of Ayodhya, Lord Shri Ram lived his life like a monk. Earlier, from exile to Sita Haran, he did not give up patience in every major pain.

Shri Ram was the ideal king. Sitting on the king’s bench, he laid the foundation of the principle of fair governance, in which every citizen of the state got the right and opportunity to live with honour, freedom and companionship. Due to the glorification of this ideal rule, famine death and many other types of fears were eliminated. In Ramrajya, everyone used to work on religious works according to their varna. That’s why everybody was always happy. Ram will be sad, with the thought people did not hurt each other mutually.

Parshuram’s anger pacified politely


Parashurama was furious when Ram ji broke Shiva’s bow in Sita’s Swayamvar. As soon as the thunder broke, he said – who has broken my Guru’s bow, come in front of me, let me see how brave he is? Ram said very politely – Maharaj! None of your devotees would have broken what else. Parshuram turned his axe and said- No, this is not the work of my devotee. This is the work of an enemy. I will separate his head from his body.

When could Laxman tolerate hearing this challenge? He also gave a strong reply to Parashuram. Ram saw that the matter was going on, so he held Laxman’s hand and made him sit and joined hands with Parashuram and said, Maharaj! You should not mind Laxman’s words. I am your criminal, give me whatever punishment you want. My head is bowed in front of you. Parashurama became soft after hearing this respectful conversation with Ram.

Father’s order kept above all

Lord Ram

Hearing the order of exile for himself, Ram bowed at the feet of King Dasharatha, bowed to Mata Kaikeyi and exited the room. Ram reached Kaushalya from there. She was arranging to provide food and clothes to the poor at that time. Ram said – Mother, Maharaj has now decided to give rule to Bharat and has given me fourteen years of exile. I have come to take orders from you, I will leave from Ayodhya today. Laxman was also standing there.

Hearing this, his tears were stressed. He said – this cannot be done. You are a Kshatriya. The religion of the Kshatriya is to fight for your right. All Ayodhya, all people are on you. Ram looked at Lakshmana and looking with loving eyes said brother, how do you talk? If I do not obey the father after taking birth in Raghukul, what will I show to the world?

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