Malviya Jayanti
Malviya Jayanti

Malviya Jayanti: All You need to Know About

Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Ji (Founder of Banaras Hindu University) was an Indian Educationist and eminent leader (Notable/Remarkable) for his role in the Indian Independence Movement and the 4th time president of the Indian National Congress. Malviya Ji is the founder of Banaras Hindu University- The Capital of Knowledge at Varanasi. In April 1911, Annie Besant met Malviya and they decided to work for a common Hindu University in Varanasi. In 1916 Banaras Hindu University (BHU) was established through parliamentary legislation and today BHU and today BHU or Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalaya is a prominent institution of learning in India. BHU is the Largest Residential University in Asia, which is spread over 16.5 Square KM and has a total strength of 30,000 students.

Malviya Jayanti is Celebrated on 25th December, every year all over India. This day is celebrated in remembrance of the birthday anniversary of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya popularly known as Mahamana. Malviya Ji was respectfully addressed as “Mahamana” by Mahatma Gandhi.

About Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Ji

Malviya Jayanti

He was born on 25th December 1861 at Prayagraj (Allahabad earlier) in a Sanskrit scholar Brahmin family. Madan Mohan Malviya’s ancestors belong to Madhya Pradesh’s Malwa region that’s why he was named Malviya. He is the son of Brijnath and Moona Devi. He got married when he was just 16 years old.

Malviya Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm in our campus Banaras Hindu University, Rajiv Gandhi South Campus at Malviya Park. It is a two-day celebration in which a variety of flowers are exhibited on the campus of Banaras Hindu University. People from distant places come here to celebrate and participate in the events organized here. It is generally celebrated in our Malviya Park which is situated in front of the Administrative Building. A lot of diyas are ignited on this day to pay him a tribute and remember his great work for India. Students, Professors, and Employees take an active part in organizing this event. On this Day National Social Service (NSS) Team also organize a camp in which the whole campus area is cleaned and Decorated with Flowers and Lights by the NSS members.

Madan Mohan Malviya Completed his L.L.B. from Allahabad University and practised in Allahabad District Court and from 1893 practised at the high court. He soon earned huge respect as one of the most brilliant lawyers of the Allahabad High Court. He gave up his legal practise when he was at his pinnacle in 1911 on his 50th Birthday so that he could serve the nation thereafter. Malviya only once again donned his lawyer’s role in 1924, following the Chauri-Chaura incident. During British Rule, in the Chauri-Chaura incident, 176 Indians were sentenced to death but Mahamana saved the life of 155 Indians on the basis of his capability and thesis.

Malviya Ji started his career journey as Journalist as the editor of the Hindu Daily “Hindustan” in 1887. In 1889, he became Editor of “Indian Opinion”. Malviya was appointed as Chairman of “Hindustan Times” from 1924 to 1946. His efforts resulted in the launch of Hindustan Dainik in 1936. The paper is now owned by the Birla family. Malviya Ji also started a magazine dedicated to religious and Dharmic interests from Banaras Hindu University.

On 25th September 1932, an agreement known as Poona Pact was signed between Dr. Ambedkar (On behalf of depressed classes among Hindus) and Malviya Ji (On behalf of other Hindus). The agreement gave reserved seats for depressed classes in the provisional legislature from 71 to 148 seats get increased.

Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya was posthumously conferred with Bharat Ratna. India’s highest civilian award on 24 December 2014, a day before his 153rd Birthday Anniversary.

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